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What is The Gathering of Angels (GoA)?

This summer Games Workshop releases the Eye of Terror campaign in full swing. In this campaign it is you the gamers who get to fight the battles which decide the outcome.

The inner circle is a group of six fanatical Dark Angel hobbyists who came together to act as a focus for all things associated with Dark Angels and the Unforgiven chapters. As the Inner Circle looked at the campaign the one thing that became rapidly clear was the scale in which the unforgiven forces were involved. The background in recent editions of White Dwarf magazine (Cypher's meeting with Abbadon and force disposition charts to name a couple) as well as some 'insider' information demonstrated this. We thought this was an ideal opportunity to expand the experience particularly for the online Dark Angel community and so a Gathering of Angels was born.

All the Unforgiven chapters are present in the Eye of Terror region, including the Tower of Angels itself. Cypher is at large, gathering an Increasing numbers of Fallen and is no doubt planning something horrendous and (for us) jaw dropping. This provides the ideal background for a narrative campaign based on the unforgiven chapters.

The Gathering of Angels campaign is divided in to five segments, each being a fortnight long. Each fortnight five missions will be released for the Unforgiven to battle, the combined results of which will decide the direction of the campaign in the next fortnight. Every fortnight the secret war being fought by the Dark Angels will be elaborated upon.  Missions, background and scenarios will be given out for you to play. Results from previous weeks will be available as well the ability to review how your forces have faired over the course of the campaign. The important fact is that you remain honest in the registration of your results. The campaign is structured with special events that will activate if one sided wins or losses occur with catastrophic results. 

As Unforgiven players you can enter your results on the Gathering of Angels site, as well as the Eye of Terror website. Thus the results of the games you play will not only influence the Eye of Terror campaign but also the Unforgivens' secret war*. However if you wish to take this participation to a greater level we would ask you to first register your battle results with the Gathering of Angels website. You will then receive priority orders from the Inner Circle advising you as to where in the EOT warzone you should register your results. In this manner we have the ability to co-ordinate our efforts while denying intelligence to the enemy.

In addition to describing the secret war being fought in the Eye of Terror region the site will act as a nexus for any information pertaining to the Unforgiven which comes up in the Eye of Terror campaign. Also, the Inner Circle has worked very hard to bring you some fantastic new scenarios to play, battle reports and hobby articles to read which will be released throughout the campaign.

So get gaming in the name of Emperor and the Lion.

Owen Rees
On behalf of the Inner Circle
Gathering of Angels Teaser Ode V2.0
By Shadow Guard

Son of the heretic, despoiler of worlds,
Abaddon is his name
Half score and two beaten was he,
surges once more destruction his aim!

Brace thy hearts and steel thy soul
To face the enemy and his abominations so foul!

Guns of the guard thirst; proud battle fleets stir;
The emperor's praetorians, the angels of death

To face the coming test they come from afar
To stand in harms way with the shield of their faith

True sons of the Lion, the emperor's finest
First of the first and the best of the best

Unforgiven we may be, our regent in slumber
Despoiler's plans we shall smash asunder!

Protect the innocent, defence their need,
uphold the emperor's law and his creed

Relentless battle, defiant victory,
honourable death, our true destiny

Infidels shall bleed, heretics burn
Unbelievers be crushed and the fallen return!

Honour retained!
Faith replenished!
Redemption is at hand!
Let us face the damned!


This summer there will be a reckoning

The Inner Circle presents

A Gathering of Angels

Be prepared

No Retreat No Surrender

- Shadow Guard
The Official GoA flyer by Nathan Bishop
The Official GoA banners by Nathan Bishop
Gathering of Angels Campaign Start Ode V1.0

Long we prepared for war this day, to hold the despoiler well at bay
In the fires of hell he plans and plots, where evil lurks and shadows play!

Imperial legions corrupted by decay, emperor's sons led astray,
God machines, foul daemons, billions of heretics under his sway!

Onward he marches death at his feet, plague and famine follow to greet
Fiery skies, roiling oceans, burning air and rotting meat!

Innocence defiled, honour destroyed, murder and mayhem forever repeat
In his vision he feels like god for who may dare blockade his fleet!

In this hour of darkness and despair, all would question who would dare
As this daemon leaves its lair to destroy all that is pure and fair.

Defiler of worlds, death incarnate, daemons throng by the score
Valiant warriors we go to war, defy him we shall forever and more!

With sword in hand we shall remove that sore
Our feats of might shall become fabled lore!

Powerfists raised, bolters ready, to slay the villain our aim so true
In space or land, on sea or sand we shall stain this land with the daemons gore!

Sons of Jonson the true first born, prepare your souls for battle reborn,
Strike the enemy where hope forlorn, you shall not falter until the new dawn!

Stand by me with warrior's pride, the son of darkness shall not pass
Let them try for woe betide, the emperors angels are here en masse!

Imperial guard and battle fleets together,
Emperor's legions they be birds of feather
A force of might unseen hither
With terrible power Ye Angels Gather!

- Shadow Guard
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While it is great when the Unforgiven win it is really important that you do not fake your results! Please, please, please be as honest as possible. Win or lose at the end of the day a great story and a piece of history will be created. It's having fun that counts and playing games at the end of the day.

* The Gathering of Angel's campaign is in no way endorsed by Games Workshop (yet).
Official Seal of Membership of the Inner Circle, 2003.