Gathering of Angels Mission B Battle Report
Narrated by Master Avoghai
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We used the rescue mission B scenario with the following changes:

- The objective was a Farseer who crashed in the center of the battlefield.
- Each Eldar turn the Farseer scattered 1D6".
- To capture the Farseer a squad must be in base to base contact with him.
- You can't charge the Farseer.
- Vehicles (i.e. models with armour value) cannot capture the Farseer. However, the - Farseer can embark in a transport with the squad that has captured him. If he          does so, he counts as one model for the transport capacity.
- A squad that has captured the Farseer moves as if it is in difficult terrain. Bikes,       Jetbikes, Jetpacks double the result.
- A squad who has to flee abandons the Farseer.
- The army who has captured the Farseer wins the battle.
Librarian Lazuryan: Iron Halo, Power Weapon, Psychic hood, Bolt pistol.

Command squad: 8 Space Marines: Flamer, stubborn Vet Sgt with Power weapon.
Rhino: Smoke, Extra Armour

Dreadnought Yoda: Assault Cannon, Storm Bolter, Extra Armour, Smoke.

Tactical squad 1: 10 Space Marines: Heavy Bolter.

Tactical squad 2: 5 Space Marines: Plasma Cannon, Plasma Gun.

Scout squad: Close Combat Weapons.

Assault squad: 10 Space Marines: 2 Plasma Pistols, stubborn Vet Sgt with Power Fist.

LS: Assault Cannon and Heavy Bolter.

Bikes squad: 2 flamers, Vet Sgt with Power Weapon and Purity Seals.
Dark Angels Army led by Master Avoghai
Seer Council:
3 Farseers, 2 Warlocks.

10 Firedragons: Exarch.

20 guardians (squad 1): Warlock with Warp Portal, Bright Lance.
20 guardians (squad 2): Warlock.

2 Warwalkers: Brightlances, Starcannons.

3 D-cannons.
Eldar Ulthwe Strike Force

I chose the side with the hill and began to deploy. My scouts deployed behind the forest.

Squad 1 took the left hill and squad 2 went behind the rock on the right.

My opponent deployed his squad 1 on the center and his squad 2 on his left flank.

I got the 1st turn and began my movement.
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