Six immense Deathwing Terminators stepped into the Teleportation chamber of the Naaman's Honor. Deep Striking on to a battlefield was not for the weak of heart, or stomach and it was not always reliable. Bish recalled the first time he'd had to enter battle this way and he prayed this would not be his last. As the Terminators waited for the green flash that would begin their rapid descent to the surface, a red armored Tech-Marine rushed into the chamber.

"The main engine of the Teleporter has malfunctioned," he said. "We are rerouting to the back up system but it's going to take twenty minutes!"
"We don't have twenty minutes," Bish growled through his skull shaped helmet. "I want this working in ten!!"

The Techmarine nodded and left the room. Bish triggered the command view inside his helmet. Immediately a 3D view of the battle going on below appeared as if it was right in front of him. He activated his secure com-link and began speaking to the Sergeant of Scout Squad Karoz.

"Sergeant Duma, what I am about to ask will be the most difficult job you have ever undertaken."

"We do what is needed of us sir" Sergeant Duma replied.

"I need you to stall that squad of Terminators coming over the bridge for as long as you possibly can. If you can hold them long enough, we may be able to keep the rest of those traitors from crossing the bridge until I and my team can arrive." Bish paused; the next words would not be easy. "We both know the odds of coming back from this alive Sergeant Duma, but I guarantee you will be remembered in the Tower of Angels."

"It's been a pleasure to serve under you." Sergeant Duma said, and the com-link crackled closed.

Bish watched as Duma and his men began to advance on the five Terminators in front of them. Perhaps their two to one advantage would keep them alive just long enough. As he waited for the first Scout to fall, Bish slammed his fist on the onboard com-link button and demanded an update on the transporter.
Bish cursed under his breath as he watched the five Thunderhawk Gunships drop down through the atmosphere of the planet Dakoler. The view screen in front of him momentarily adjusted to the brightness of the tracer fire coming from the planet. It was not what he had hoped for. The mining colony on Dakoler had been abandoned several months earlier due to a Genestealer invasion. A contingent of Blood Angels were stationed there to make sure no Genestealers were left. The tracer coming from the planet meant only one thing. In the few hours he had been there, Fallen #4273 had corrupted the Blood Angels. Perhaps not willingly but they were corrupted. Bish was still on the bridge of the Naaman's Honor while his troops began their invasion of the planet. He stepped away from his station to prepare to be teleported to the surface. He was certain that no outgoing communications from the Blood Angels concerning #4273 had been transmitted prior to their arrival. The servitors aboard the Naaman's Honor had successfully jammed all signals from the planet, assuring that none ever would. Bish motioned to the five marines in Terminator Armor waiting at the back of the bridge and they followed him out.

On the surface of the planet all five of the Dark Angels Thunderhawks landed without incident, despite the heavy fire they had encountered. The Dark Angels inside disembarked taking up positions on the craggy rocks surrounding the mine that was now the temporary stronghold for the Blood Angels. Bish had prepared them for what might happen and although some did not understand the full significance of this mission, they were ready for anything. Those that were not members of the Deathwing had been told that a force of Chaos marines had disguised themselves as Blood Angels and had to be stopped. However far fetched that explanation was, no Dark Angel would ever question the orders of an Interrogator Chaplain.

There was only one way in and out of the Mine. The Blood Angels inside would have to rush across a narrow bridge to confront the Dark Angels and that is just what the Dark Angels wanted. Two devastator squads Zakkiel and Leliel were positioned on both sides of the road leading to the bridge. Zakkiel was filled with Power Armor crushing Plasma Cannon's, while Leliel was armed with a Lascannon and Heavy Bolters.
Gathering of Angels Mission Battle Report
Narrated by Brother Bish
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Interrogator Chaplain Bish stood at the communication console of the Hunter Class Starship, Naaman's Honor. The incoming message played out on the screen in front of him.

++++TELEPATHIC DUCT: Classified++++
++++TO: Interrogator Chaplain Bish, Third Company Angelica Mortis++++
++++FROM: Supreme Grand Master Azrael++++
++++THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: "To die for the Lion is glory" ++++

Message received
Information on the Fallen cannot fall into anyone's hand's not even our allies.
If you deem it necessary, exterminate. Exterminate with extreme prejudice.
By direct order of the Inner Circle.

Supreme Grand Master Azrael

++++End Transmission++++

Chaplain Bish directed the crew of the Naaman's Honor to enter the planets atmosphere and jam all outgoing long-range communications. Perhaps the Lion was with them this evening and all would go better then expected. But Bish knew in his two hearts that this was going to be a bloody day for the Dark Angels and the Imperium.
The Dark Angels Devastators and Tac squads held their positions realizing that the Blood Angels were going to come to them. The Scouts and Ravenwing Land Speeders however moved forward to intercept. Suddenly the firing began, both sides trying to destroy each other. The Baal Predator made it across the bridge and moved to its left allowing the Blood Angel marines behind it to move forward across the bridge. At that same time the Chaplain leading the Blood Angels along with his Squad of Death Company Marines used their Jump Packs to move to the front of the battle.

Devastator Squad Leliel and Dreadnought Ahadiel both opened fire with their Lascannons at the Baal Predator. The hope was to destroy it before it began laying down suppressing fire. However its armor was too tough and the Lascannon shots bounced right off of it. In a blaze of Plasma shots from Devastator Squad Zakkiel the Blood Angels Death Company met with a fiery end. Squad Zakkiel's attack was so ferocious they managed to wipe out the Death Company completely, except for the Chaplain, who stood dazed and alone but protected by his Rosarius. Seeing the Chaplain all alone, the Dark Angels Predator fired it's Lascannon and killed him where he stood. Slumping in front of his troops the Chaplain took his last breath. The Terminators behind him made there way forward. Ready to wreck revenge against the renegade Dark Angels.
"It is better to Shoot first and ask questions later in a situation like this" he said.

They were also to capture the Fallen Angel so that Bish could take him back to the Tower of Angels for interrogation. Bish was pleased that the marines with him understood that this was the only course of action and that no matter what they saw, they would stay loyal to the Dark Angels. They all knelt before him and he blessed each one in preparation for the battle ahead.

Back on Dakoler the Dark Angels Predator moved up the road towards the abandoned mine. At the same time a Blood Angels Baal predator started to cross the bridge in front of them. The Dark Angels positioned on the rocks could see Marines in red armor following the predator from behind.
Dreadnought Ahadiel was positioned behind Leliel lending his Twin Linked Lascannons to their already considerable power. Two tactical Squads Raziel and Alatus Mortis were deployed below Zakkiel. Up the center of the road came Predator tank Morkai armed with more Lascannons to assure that no Blood Angel Tanks would survive this battle. Behind the Predator, another Tactical Squad, Occultus Veridicus, brought up the rear. To the left of this deployment Scout Squad Karoz had positioned themselves as far forward as possible in the hopes that they might be able to hold up any Blood Angel units, while the rest of the Dark Angels force moved forward. Three Ravenwing Landspeeders positioned themselves nearby as well ready to travel where Tactical troops couldn't. Their orders were to wipe out everyone.

"Don't leave one man alive" Bish had said.

The Dark Angels were ready and apparently so were these "imposter" Blood Angels.

Chaplain Bish briefed the five Terminators around him as they donned their helmets. Bish rarely used his Tactical Dreadnought Armor. He liked the freedom that normal Power Armor afforded him. However this mission was no ordinary one. If the Dark Angels lost this battle, word would inevitably spread through the Imperium that the Dark Angels had turned traitor. And while Bish knew that this was the furthest thing from the truth he was not going to allow that to happen. It was for this reason that Bish was ready to destroy an entire contingent of Blood Angels. The Inner Circle agreed with that decision. Bish explained to the marines with him that in fact the Blood Angels on the surface where loyal to the Imperium. But that a Fallen Angel had corrupted them and that for that reason they must be destroyed.
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