Assessment Criteria

A. Design (Maximum Score of 30)

Navigation (Score 1-10)
Ease of movement from page to page.
More importantly, ease of return backwards to previous pages or the main web home page. 
Navigation bars or Frames layout which allows easy navigation from each page will score high.
Added credit is given for an introduction, specifically detailing the sections of the web and how to navigate through.

Aesthetics (Score 1-10)
Consider how aesthetically pleasing the site is to the eyes.
Well presented, well centered site score well.
Reduce points for over crowded pages.
Reduce points for advertisements, banners, voting signs and web rings on the front page.

Originality of Design (Score 1-10)
Original ideas in the design and application in the web site score more.
Linking and cross-linking of pages with less than three broken links.
Drop down menus
Flash sequences which don't hinder loading times.

B. Content (Maximum Score of 30)

Originality of content (Score 1-10)
This depends on how much of the content is original, not necessarily by the webmaster but original nevertheless.
Each major section of the site (like image gallery, fiction etc) is scored separately and an average taken.
If any section contains >50% of non-original material the score for that section is 1. Nothing more!

Usefulness of content (Score 1-10)
Consider how useful the content is for a beginner as well as a veteran.
Is the content just there for the sake of being there or is it helpful.
Score high for useful tactics, painting/modeling hints, army creation ideas, good background descriptions, the usefulness of links.
Also buttons and links that lead to empty sections will be marked down.

Theming of content (Score 1-10)
This is really looking at the way the content is presented. For example if it's a DIY back ground story, is it just sitting there or is it presented as if an inquisitor has chanced upon a data slate etc. It really is a score for creativity of presentation.

C. Images (Maximum Score of 10)

Quality of images (Score 1-10)
Again basically looks at the quality of content and its originality. A site that uses only original images (artwork and models) gets a 10. Those who present images long lost to most 40K gamers would also score high. If more than 50% are images from GW publications then score a 1. Although you may have already considered the quality of images when dealing with the quality of content, score again here as we would reward those who put in the effort to produce original artwork and imagery.

D. Miscellaneous (Maximum Score of 30)

Links (Score 1-10)
Link content - are the links helpful to the hobby? Are the links organized well for ease of sorting through?
If there are any broken external links, then score cannot be more than 7.
If broken links outnumber active ones, score 1.
score 1-5 if useless or unrelated links outnumber the useful links.

Legal Issue (Score 1-10)
Consider the effort put in to legitimizing the use of borrowed content. Absence of any legal disclaimers will automatically disqualify the site from consideration.
Sites will score more if they have a specific section dealing with the legal aspects and if borrowed imagery has copyright details next to them.

Communications (Score 1-10)
How easily the site is set up for communications.
Score high for easily accessible e-mail, guest book, banner exchange instructions, web ring instructions, updates section etc.

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