By Richard Chambers
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Richard Chmabers took part with Strike Force Annihilus in the Sydney Grand Tournament 2001 with great success, being the first to use a Deathwing Army in the RT and receiving the Players' Choice Award. His Views on Deathwing Tactica can be found in the Tactics section of this site.
Gabriel has been the Grand Master of the Deathwing, the 1st Dark Angel's Company for over two centuries. As such he commands all the Terminator armour equipped Marines in the Chapter, all of the Chapter's Land Raiders and a number of the ancient Dreadnoughts. He also has nominal command of many of the Chapter's veteran sergeants, who have been inducted into the Deathwing but are currently providing their skill and experience to the Battle Companies.

Gabriel is one of the highest ranking individuals within the Chapter's Inner Circle and has a knowledge of the Fallen only surpassed the Supreme Grand Master of the Dark Angels, the Chief Librarian of the Chapter, and some of the older Interrogator-Chaplins. He has personally led numerous "Hunts" and has on three occasions participated in the capture of Fallen former comrades. This, in over five centuries of fighting his Emperor's foes.

An exceptionally skilled fighter, a trusted and beloved leader, and a strategic master, Gabriel has perfected Deathwing company tactics. On numerous occasions he has decisively ended long-winded campaign by teleporting the entire company into the middle of a strategic, well-chosen battle, overwhelming the enemy through sheer impact of having over one hundred Terminators, with supporting Dreadnoughts smashing through their rear areas and headquarters units.
Grandmaster of Deathwing Gabriel

Wargear: Terminator Armour
Sword of Secrets
Master-Crafted Stormbolter
Deathwing Terminator Squad Adonai

Deathwing Terminator Squad Adonai have fought together as a group of battle brothers for well over a century. Although currently armed to provide a combination of offensive firepower and aggressive close assault, each member of Squad Adonai has been trained to expertly use the full-range of terminator weaponry and equipment. Many lifetimes of experience have honed Squad Adonai into a finely tuned unit bent on the destruction of the Emperor's foes and the capture of the "Fallen".
Deathwing Terminator Squad Damas

Deathwing Terminator Squad Damas often act as the core of Grand Master Gabriel's command squad along with the Deathwing's Apothecary, Techmarine and Standard Bearer. However, in smaller battles and on occasions when these brethren are needed elsewhere, Squad - Damas fight as unit, independent of Gabriel. Squad Damas, although highly skilled and experienced in all manner of Deathwing weaponry and equipment, prefer to fight with a close assault battle techniques igniting their foes with righteous fire, overwhelming their opponents with power sword and lighting claw, destroying vehicles and emplacements with chain and power fist.
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Sanctum of Heroes
Deathwing Strike Forces
Ravenwing Strike Forces
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Battle Fleets of the Unforgiven
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The Fallen Brothers.