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Upon coming to the main page of this successor chapter web site you are greeted by a crisp interface and an image of the chapter symbol. The navigation tool bar at the top leads you to various subsections providing a seamless interface between sections. The living codex section provides detailed information about the structure of the units and chapters down to very detailed points. The documentation section contains a high quality battle report and fiction with space for strategy and tactics articles. The Image library contains a conglomeration of image both digital photos and some touched up to depict battle field images.

The Forge and Link sections are empty at presetn but has plans for much input. The quality of the content and the structure of this site is superfluous, a must for potential webmasters and gamers alike.
Webmaster: Robert Townsend
( Depthcharge )
One of the more rewarding spacewolf web sites around. This one is relatively young and is still in the process of being completed. On arrival the interface is easy to navigate and loading times are very fast.  The webmaster has managed to gather the best minds of the B+C Spacewolf forum to provide much of the content. That content is essentially the life blood of the site and is a brilliant addition to any spacewolf commander's arsenal.

Specifically for the spacewolves, the tactica section is excellent, discussing each unit type in turn. But the jewel in the crown is the "Know thine enemy" section. A detailed analysis of how to battle the emperor's enemies and friends alike. Although not complete the listed sections are comprehensive and worth returning to see the rest appear. The fiction has what is probably the largest collection of spacewolve related lore. The gallery has a great collection of spacewolves belonging to the author. The links section provides access to a number of other dedicated spacewolf web sites. Overall a must visit site for spacewolves and a worthwhile exercise for other spacemarine commanders.
Webmaster: Adam Laws
Dedicated the Vulcan's progeny, the front page oozes character with a Salamander mantle skin forming the borders and flames added here and there. The site itself is contructed very well and loads quickly with a navigation bar on the left border. The content is comprehensive and covers virtually every aspect of the hobby from the Salamander's point of view. However the content in each section is only moderate in quantity. There are separate sections for history, background, army displays, painting tips, modelling ideas, successor chapters  and tactica including army lists.

One of the few web sites that has a separate section to honour contributors along with specific awards for their contribution. There is also a section which introduces the author and his gaming group. This remains one of the sites providing a good Salamander's experience despite it not being updated since 2003.

Webmaster: David Johnson
( Brother Argos )
It would be safe to say that this is one of the pivotal Salamander's web sites, maintained by David Johnson who is a most dedicated follower of Vulcan. On arrival you are greeted by a frontpage that immediately imbues the feeling of fire and brimestone. Navigation is very intuitive and easy and loading times are quick. The first link on the main page takes you to site navigation. Click on the planet Nocturne and the history and culture are revealed. Click on Prometheus and details of the Salamander's Fortress monastary are revealed. The librarium has many subsections, some of which remain to be filled. The gallery within the librarium simply blows you away with a superb array of some of the best modelled and painted Salamanders space marines.

One of the unique aspects of this site is the presence of a "thought for the day" link which provides a new  imperial decree each day. An excellent site dedicated to Vulcan.

Webmaster: Unknown
A simple straight forward web site dedicated to the Iron hands chapter. The feel of the iron hands is immediately brought to bear by the black background and the models in black displayed within the site. The site contains just three subsections, gallery, tactics and conversions.

Each section is suported by images of very well modelled figures and equipment of the ironhands space marine chapter. It is this clarity of purpose and quality of models that has earned this site a place within these walls. The conversions section

Navigation is simple and the site loads extremely fast despite the high concentration of images.
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