Chamber 09  Adeptus Telepathica

This chamber is relegated entirely to telepathic connection to other impimportant and useful websites. Find your way to other Dark Angel Fortresses, other Space Marine Strongholds and Centres of modellign and Gaming excellence.
Chamber 01  Codex Unforgiven

This section is essentially a supplement to existing Dark Angels rules. New rules and additonal supplements for Deathwing, Ravenwing and Dark Angel Battle Forces, entire army lists including rules for fielding the entire eighth (Assault) reserve, ninth (Devastator) reserve and Tenth (Scout) companies. In addition there are rules for an ironwing Battlegroup, specific units and lots of special characters along with brand new digital images. Adding to this concentraton is an entire Codex dedicated to fielding Fallen Space Marine armies.
Chamber 02  Eternity of War

This chamber contains gaming supplements. There are subsections dedicated to providing you with additional stand alone missions, mission linked campaign rules, strategic campaings and additional scenarios for the Specialist Games such as Spacehulk, EPIC Armageddon and Battle Fleet Gothic. A battle reports section is also present while the last subsection traces the history of 40K related games, supplements, s rare kits and OOP model based on my own collection.
Chamber 03  Historica Unforgiven

This section provides the player with the most detailed history of the spacemarines and the unforgiven. This includes the Apocrypha Caliban and the Gathering of Angels along with sections that are dedicated to home made successor chapters and characters. Prominence is given to good background fluff.
Chamber 05  Astro Tabulum Galactica

This covers the whole galaxy of the 41st century. Each segmentum is presented with the positions of know systems marked on it. Each system leads to description of its main planetary body along with relevant historical information. More than 70 images of ndividual planets adorn this section.
Chamber 04  Doctrinae Unforgiven

The tactica section with advice for all aspects of gaming including creating armies, Deathwing, Ravenwing and DABF forces. I have left the old tactica articles based on secong and mostly third edition rules along with the newer fourth edition ones simply because they all have some lessons in them. Tactica sections also support the Specialist Games as well as reviewing enemy forces and a section to discuss weapons and systems.
Chamber 06  Liber Audacio Unforgiven

The library of fiction, poetry and stanzas relating to the unforgiven and the fallen. These are all original works submitted by the gaming fraterny and constitues the largest collection of fiction relating to the unforgiven.
Chamber 07  Legions of the Unforgiven

The army display section, containing more than seventy complete armies and battle fleets including background information. These include 40K armies, Individual characters, EPIC scale armies, battle fleets, dioramas and fallen warbands. This is likely the largest such collection of armies displayed on the world wide web.
Chamber 08  Master of the Forge

The section dedicated to the painting and modelling aspect of the hobby. Step by step descriptive articles range from simple techniques such as creating bases and painting the various types of unfrogiven armies to complext conversions and modelling techniques. Covers individual models, vehicles and dioramas.
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Here you will find a brief description of the nine major chambers that constitue the core of the Fortress of the Unforgiven. The number of major chambers has been reduced to nine from its previous twelve during the third restoration. This was accomplished by amalgamating three of the sections within the others. Pressing the relevant icons will directly take you to the major chamber from this page.