The Third Fortress Competition


As the year of 2005 progressed my inteest in the hobby and that in maintaining this web site began to dim again. In order to increase interest for both the gamers and myself i decided on yet another contest. Learning from previous contests i decided to keep this one quite simple. In particular, allowing pre existing models tom be submitted, a single miniature contes, a short background history etc. As always the contest was designed in such a way that the entries would add to the content of one of the smaller segments of this web site.

Submission requirements:

Miniature: Submit one single miniature representing a character in your Unforgiven army. This may be a Captain, Librarian, Chaplain, Apothecary, Techmarine, Veteran Sergeant, Veteran Scout Sergeant, Standard bearer or Company Champion.

You may submit Fallen characters too... as long as they are loyalist Fallen ie without any chaotic mutations or insignias..

Dark Angel Special Characters will not be accepted however special characters of your DIY successor chapters will be accepoted.

The miniature must be fully painted and based and reflect the background that you provide. You do not need to show an unpainted miniature. ie you can submit an existing model.

Submit one JPEG image of your miniature showing the whole miniature including the base. (The bigger the image the better it is) You can also submit close ups of any specific parts of the miniature if you so wish.

Background: You also need to submit a written background for the character under the following heading.

Origin: Where born and how inducted to the chapter
Armoury: Usual fit out.
Current Position: Description of the current position
Famous Achievements: Battles, victories, defeats injuries etc

The submission should be no more than 3000 words and should be sent in as an MS Word file.


Both sections will be marked equally by the Inner Circle:

Modelling 1-5 points
Painting 1-5 points
Leadership Appeal 0-2 (How good the overall model looks as a leader)
Character Appeal 0-2 (How well the model and background suit each other)

Overall 1-4
Origin 1-4
Current Achievement 1-4
Famous Achievement 1-4

Total of thirty points. You must score a minimum 20 points to be eligible for prizes.

Top two entries will receive the following prizes.


Prize 1: Lts Ed DA Veteran Sergeant
Prize 2: Standard DA Sergeant (from the tactical Box)

All entries which score more than 20 points will be displayed in the Fortress site when it is redone.

Entry date has been extended to August 31 2005 by popular demand.
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Contest Submissions & Winners :
Contest Submissions & Winners : View the complete submissions of all contestants and the proud winners of this contest.