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These images have been reproduced with the kind permission of T Traube. The background notes were written specifically for this army  by the Shadow Guard.
Legions of the Unforgiven
Strike Force Absolution is made up of a very small but powerful contingent of some of the most experienced battle brothers from two of the unforgiven chapters. Its creation was, as has been the case in many circumstances, purely circumstantial. During the pacification of Vincrence IV, an industrial planet attempting rebellion for the first time a small but powerful strike force under the command of Master Saraknyel was diverted to lend assistance to the loyalist Imperial forces. Landing their forces at Winterlanding, the only Spaceport of the planet the Dark Angel Strike Force was dismayed to see the defences of the Spaceport turned inwards. The rot had set in deeply and the entire imperial force of the planet had turned away from the emperor's light. Stubbornly, the Dark Angels dug in, in the centre of the spaceport as a violent fire-fight began. Master Saraknyel immediately deployed the three landraiders in his command as a mobile fire base, moving withing their perimeter and showering the enemy with constant barrage of the emperor's wrath.

Realising that the tactical situation was hopeless, he gathered the two most experienced units under his command, both members of the Deathwing and deployed in their tactical dreadnought armour. Librarian Baraqiaal had remained aboard their battle barge Righteous Vengeance and was unable to deploy that vessels considerable firepower to support the Dark Angels on the ground due to their proximity to the enemy. He had however devined the centre of the enemy's resistance by a combination of psychic divination and the emperor's tarot. Without the knowledge of the traitorous rebels, the Master and the deathwing squads teleported aboard the Righteous Vengeance, which then moved out to the other side of the planet.
Grandmaster Saraknyel
Deathwing Squad Baraqiial
Deathwing Librarian Baraqiial
As they rounded the far side of the moon, they were greeted by a sight that stunned even the honoured veterans of the deathwing. There stood a massive spacemarine battle barge, painted in black. The worn and faded insignia of a winged sword was just visible on its prow. Completely covered in the colour black.. and sporting the faded words "C__iba_'s Pride", reality tore at the senior Dark Angels. Could this be a blasphemed vessels of their traitorous brethren? Without hesitation Master Saraknyel ordered a teleportation assault.
As the assaulting force materialised within the ship and began a level by level search of the ship the only resistance encountered was from automated defence systems and some servitors. It was then that they made contact with black armoured terminators and as challenges were shouted and strombolters raised recognition was also forthcoming as Librarian Baraqiial sensed the presence of kinsman. The black armoured squad was none other than a squad from the first company of their unforgiven brother chapter Angels of Vengeance. The squad led by veteran Sergeant Lucidian had teleported into the barge but soon after their arrival the vessel entered the warp and travelled in an automated course.
Angels of Vengeance Squad Lucidien
Veteran Sergeant Lucidian
The only two Deathwing squads were joined by the honoured librarian and led by the Master teleported in. The guns and missiles of the Righteous Vengeance decimated the fleeing space cutters before they could dock with the offending battle barge and then targeted its engines. No return fire was noted.
They had been performing a sweep of the lower decks when Master Saraknyel had arrived. Identities established and the company of their comrades appreciated, the force now rapidly scoured the vessel.
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