By Greg Dausey (Brother Blackbone)
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These images have been reproduced with the kind permission of Greg Dausey. Strike force background created, written and edited by Shadow Guard.
Legions of the Unforgiven

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Strike Force Desolation

Grandmaster Desartes of the first company of the Angels of Redemption chapter is a formidable individual. His personal strike force, Strike Force Desolation covered itself with glory during the long years of space combat in the Gothic War. They retain th sole honour of leading the boarding action on the only blackstone fortress to be destroyed by the imperium.

Supported spiritually by their chaplain Gavenor, the force has retained a fierce reputation for unflinching devotion in both close quarter combat as well as ranged warfare.
Interrogator Chaplain Gavenor

Close companion, friend and advisor to the grandmaster, he has been at the Desartes' side ever since they reamed up during the Gothic War. Unflinching in his duty, Gavenor has never failed a mission and has yet to back down in the face of the enemy.
Command Squad Affavius

Grandmaster Desartes' command squad is led by veteran sergeant Affavius. A terse and focussed indicidual, he speak rarely and denotes his intentions by his actions on the battle field. The command squad Apothecary Niebus who wears specialised, terminator armour compatible equipment which has saved the lives of the grandmaster and his retinue on numerous occasions.
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