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Legions of the Unforgiven
By Douglas Miller (ODM)
Strike Force Septimus

Strike Force Drago was based on the Dark Angels Fourth Battle company and was deployed in their campaign for redemption. The Battle Force was built around the 4th Company of the Dark Angels, with Deathwing, Scout Company, Motor Pool, and Inner Circle augmentations. The Battle Force was assembled as a mobile strike force, operating in the Scelus Sub-Sector of the Scarus Sector during Abaddon's 13th Black Crusade. Force markings for the Campaign for Redemption consist of a single Red Triangle.
The following view picts were captured as the Battle Force massed outside the gates of the Meredith II Hive as a show of force, prior to their initial engagement with Abaddon's forces. The 4th Company made up the core of the Battle Force fielded during the Campaign for Redemption. Led by Master Drago and Interrogator-Chaplain Quintus, the Company fielded nine full squads,
Deathwing 12th Squad - Squad Accursio

Squad Accursio was the last surviving Terminator Squad in the Angels of Redemption when the Successor Chapter was reabsorbed back into the Dark Angels. They were fully accepted into the Deathwing after their inspiring demolition of the inner defenses of the Arch-Nihilist Van Meter on Aurora III on the journey to Meredith II. The black under-pinning can still be seen under their hastily painted white armor.

including six Tactical, two Assault, and one Devastator, as well as four Rhinos, one Razorback, and two Land Speeders.

In addition Venerable Dreadnaught Fidelio was awakened to support the Company. Further support was provided by the honoured members of the Deathwing company in the form of two Deathwing squads and a Phobos patterns land raider.

Master Drago and Librarian Septimus
On occassion, as leader of the combined Battle Force, Master Drago will don his ornate Terminator Armor to lead a Deathwing only detachment into combat. In this viewpict it appears the strength and wisdom of Librarian Septimus is required for the battle ahead.A potent subsection of this force was led by Librarian Septimus. Clad in tactical dreadnought armour he led a Deathwing contingent and during the most crucial stage of the assault he was joined by non other than Master Drago himself.
Deathwing 11th Squad - Squad Kraken

Sgt. Kraken and his squad are veterans of countless space borne assaults and boarding actions, most famously the cleansing of the space hulk Destruction of Faith. Due to the intense fighting expected in the 3 hive cities fallen to Chaos, the expertise of such a decorated Deathwing squad was requested.

The viewpict shows Squad Kraken has been temporarily assigned Landraider Dante from the Chapter Motorpool.
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These images have been reproduced with the kind permission of Doug Miller.
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