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Legions of the Unforgiven
By Daniel Custodio (Chaplain Lucifer)
Strike Force Vengeance

A protracted siege against rebels forces in planet Mathyr made Grand Master Azreal reunite a 1st Company Strike Force,their mission to cleanse the Hive City Cephalus of heretic filth were rebel PDF troops were entrenched for nearly two months. A decision that proved wise, because in less than three weeks Strike Force Vengeaus had cleansed the Hive City of nearly all rebels forces.

Squad Daniel.
Epistolary Librarian Daniel was in charge of this detachment. A veteran with nearly 500 years of age, Daniel had seen more than his share of sieges. By his side stoo his command squad, led by Sgt Gabriel his long time friend, inducted from his Daniel's home planet, albeit from a different generation.

Squad Trebonius.
Sergeant Trebonius, newly promoted to his rank of Sargent of Deathwing would lead his squad proving his worth , holding a bridge on their own against nearly one hundred rebels, while waiting for reinforcements.
Squad Fulvius
Equiped to deal with the heaviest armored threats, after the siege of Mathyr Squad Fulvius had nearly fifty destroyed vehicles in their tally, provind themselves worthy tank hunters.

Squad Seleucus
Rival to Fulvius, Seleucus was a keen man, ever relentless killing rebel troopers with frag missiles and storm bolter fire. Their rearguard duty proved infalible, defeating several enemy ambushes.

Raguel and Remiel.
Twin brothers recruited together but followed differnt paths, while impetous Remiel was an assault marine the calm Raguel became a devastator marine. Fate made them fight for several millenia more as Dreadnoughts, impetous Remiel charging headlong and calm Raguel giving support to his brother with Lascannon and Missile launcher. Invaluable during the Mathyr campaign they were the solid bastions that their DW brothers depended on when they found themselves in trouble.

Deathwing 11th Squad - Squad Kraken

Sgt. Kraken and his squad are veterans of countless space borne assaults and boarding actions, most famously the cleansing of the space hulk Destruction of Faith. Due to the intense fighting expected in the 3 hive cities fallen to Chaos, the expertise of such a decorated Deathwing squad was requested.

The viewpict shows Squad Kraken has been temporarily assigned Landraider Dante from the Chapter Motorpool.
These images have been reproduced with the kind permission of Doug Miller.
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