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By Alex Kanous
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Legions of the Unforgiven
Master of the Ravenwing Menelaius

Master Menelaius was a veteran sergeant in the acclaimed ravenwing, deployed in the segmentum Obscura. During the scouring of Ghouran he personally led his unit of ravenwing bkers on a counter charge which broke the back of an assault by ork Speed-freaks. The latest of his many exploits resulted in him being inducted to the inner circle and given command of this small but fast hitting task force.

His command consists of three full strength bike squadrons, two smaller squadrons and five attack bikes which are deployed according to the tactical situation. Three landspeeders lend speed and flexibility to command.
Strike Force Menelaius

Strike force Menelaius is a small fast recon and attack group led by a young and upcoming master of the Ravenwing. It is deployed in the Southern fringes of Segmentum Tempestus where activities of the fallen have been relatively infrequent. Their ability to travel and deploy rapidly allows this strike force to rpidly search out the many clues and rumours regarding the betrayers of the chapter.

These images have been reproduced with the kind permission of Alex Kanous.
RW Bike Squadron Quadratus
Veteran Sergeants of the bike squadrons
Attack Bike tertius and Quadratus
RW Landspeeder alpha
Ravenwing Strike Forces
Deathwing Strike Forces
Sanctum of Heroes
Composite Battle Forces
EPIC Battle Forces
Battle Fleets of the Unforgiven
Battle Fields of the Unforgiven
The Fallen Brothers.