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By Adam Catt (Chaplain Catt)
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The images here have been reproduced with the kind permission of Adam Catt
Legions of the Unforgiven
Loss of the Strike Cruiser Emperor's Sword

+++ Final Transmission Strike Cruiser Emperor's Sword [CH-999/99] +++

+++ Priority Level: Distress Signal-utmost urgency +++

+++ Transmitted: Emperor's Sword [Shi-Kago System] +++

+++ Date: 3465999.M41 +++

+++ Transmitter: Astropath Secundus Daska +++

+++ Receiver: Brother Librarian Cloras +++

+++ Author: Ship's Captain Strovnos +++

Thought: Light you way in the darkness with the pyres of burning heretics

Interrogator Chaplain Asiel

The ship shook with explosions as Interrogator-Chaplain intoned the litanies of closure, sealing the last of the regular battle brothers into a drop pod.

"Captain, the drop pods are ready", he called out over the comm system. "Have you had any luck raising Master Sheol and his staff?"

The comm system crackled as the captain responded, ".. forward section ..severely damaged..not much hopethey .. survived .orbit terminal prepare for. pod deployment. Emperor be with you.."

Asiel swore to himself as he sealed his own drop pod, hastily reciting the litanies of closure. "Captain, deploy when ready" The pod lurched as it was jettisoned from the strike cruiser. 'How could this have happened', he thought to himself.
Upon performing the rites of orbit, a large unidentified object, size class 4, intersected the path of Emperor's Sword resulting in severe damage to forward sections, including the ground forces command chamber. Orbit is now terminal. All attempts at communication with Company Master Sheol have met with failure. All battle brothers of the 10th company, accompanied by Interrogator-Chaplain Asiel have been launched in drop pods to the surface of Shi-Kago III. Drop pod dispersal was erratic.. May the Lion and the Emperor protect them Impact with planetary atmosphere in 3 standard time units. Emperor watch over us..

+ + +  Transmission Ends + + +
Tactical Squad - Force Asiel

The first Tactical squad that accompanied Chaplain Asiel was a small squad led by a veteran Deathwing sergeant accompanied by a veteran armed with a plasmagun.
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