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These images have been reproduced here with the kind permission of Mark Jensen at the +++Gothic+++ web site. Mark is the Web Master of the amazing +++Gothic+++ web site which features a Dark Angels section with scratchbuilt vehicles and some amazing banners.
Legions of the Unforgiven
The Supreme Inner Council of the Dark Angels

There are few rare events when the entire hierarchy of the Dark Angels chapter mobilizes for battle. A rare sighting of a long hunted fallen brother or events like the campaign in the eye of terror when Abaddon spilled forth are some noteworthy occasions. Depending on the reason their forces are given spurious code names to misguide the enemies of the real strength hidden amongst them. Strike Force Mugin is one such force led by none other than chapter master and supreme grandmaster Azrael, accompanied his most trusted companions, Ezekiel, Asmodai and brother Bethor.

On hand to provide complex support was Nestor the apothecary and Harkiel the techmarine, bringing with them specialized instrments to protect and safeguard the core of the chapter.
Tactical Squad I
4th Battle Company

Accompanying such a venerated command squad usually falls to the duties of the Deathwing company. However on occasion, the most experienced tactical squad from one of the battle companies of one of the Unforgiven chapters is awarded the honour of going to battle in this exalted company.

Here the 1st tactical squad of the fourth battle company of the Angels of Redemption deploy with a rhino transport provided by their brothers in the Dark Angels chapter.
Sanctum of Heroes
Deathwing Strike Forces
Ravenwing Strike Forces
Composite Battle Forces
EPIC Battle Forces
Battle Fleets of the Unforgiven
Battle Fields of the Unforgiven
The Fallen Brothers.