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By Erik Johnson
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Erik Johnson is an avid WH40K hobbyist, who has had extensive experience in the tournament setting. It is a great privilege that he has given his kind permission to display this army which took part in the 2003 Chicago Grand Tournament, on the Fortress of the Unforgiven.
Legions of the Unforgiven

Master Balaam,

I am sure by now you have heard news of increased activity in and around the Eye of Terror. We have reason to believe that the Fallen are in direct operation there. You are to resume direct command of the 5th company. Muster all the righteous might of the 5th Company and act on the information which the interrogation of Imperial Guard Captain Havener revealed. Interrogator-Chaplain Ashriel will leave your company and proceed to the Piscina system, where Fallen One Zero Zero is reported to be in operation.

Your mission is deemed to be of critical importance. We have reason to believe that the battles on planet Chicagus have a direct relation to the events near the Eye of Terror, but we do not yet know how. Root out the Fallen on Chicagus and they may be able to shed light on their diabolical plans.  Immediately cease all other operations and make all haste to 41.978116 by -87.862515.

Remember, There can be no rest until absolution.

May the Lion guide your path and guide your hand.

Azrael out.


5th Company Master Balaam

Balaam is the Company Master for the 5th Company.  Under his direct command, the 5th Company has been assigned to operations in the Eye of Terror region, along with the rest of the Dark Angels chapter.  Balaam is a dependable commander, quiet, and deep in thought.  At times it seems that the weight of the whole chapter is resting on his mind.  Although analytical, he is quick to action once a course has fixed in his mind.  The men of the 5th Company look up to him, and follow him without question.

Previously, Interrogator-Chaplain Ashriel had commanded elements in search of information of the Fallen.  Now, massed military action has demanded that Balaam resume control.  While aware of the Fallen, and seeks out information when it is rumored, Balaam's top priority is military victory.  In this he is unparalleled in the Chapter, even though he is of no great age.  Only the Chaos Khornate Lord Ravazak has corssed wills with him and gained an upper hand.

1st Tactical Squad

Led by Sergeant Artemas. Due to previous losses in the chapter, Balaam has no official Honor Guard.  Instead he has named the 1st Tactical Squad to stand as his unit, a duty they perform proudly.

2nd Tactical Squad
Sergeant Eliakim has led the 2nd Squad for many years. An accomplished warrior, he is best known for his heroic stand against the forces of the Dark Eldar. In a combat worthy of a Primarch, he held off two squads of Dark Eldar warriors and an Archon and her retinue in single combat for over three hours until reinforcements could arrive via Thunderhawk. Eliakim is thought to be in line for successor of the 5th Company should Balaam leave office for any reason.
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