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Librarian Lucius & Command Squad

Librarian Lucius was chosen to be part of the command team for the expedition due to his supreme mastery of the psychic arts. His precognitive skills and extensive Index Astartes knowledge have made him an indispensable aide to Gabriel. Lucius' hand picked Command Squad were chosen for their extraordinary bravery and stubbornness for even Dark Angels. They are the very best of the Battle Companies, and also accept the honour of bearing the Sacred Standard of Fortitude. 

Lucius' Wings has been in service with the 5th Company for three hundred years and after it's last successful combat campaign was chosen for being the personal transport for Librarian Lucius. The addition of a chain of Land Raider tracks across its prow harks back to a previous campaign where fresh armour was in short supply.
By Owen Rees (Stingray)
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These images have been reproduced with the kind permission of Owen Rees.
Legions of the Unforgiven
Strike Force Resolution

Force Commander:   Grand Master Gabriel of the 1st Company
Force Structure:          Elements from the 5th Company, Deathwing and Ravenwing
Current Mission:          Rapid Reaction Force, Armageddon sector, Segmentum Solar

Consisting of Veteran elements of the 1st, 2nd and 5th Companies of Dark Angels, Strike Force Resolution is a newly formed formation currently on Rapid Response duties in the Armageddon Sector, Segmentum Solar. Recent engagements have been at the request of Inquisitorial and Adminsitratum agencies against select pockets of stiff Ork resistance.

The Strike Force is also prepared for instant deployment to any region in the Segmentum following information regarding the Fallen. Since the recent Necron purging in the Equatorial Jungle around the Ancient Pyramid Imperial Artefact XE3-36, (http://www.armageddon3.com/english/campaign/Jungle/jungle.html) at the request of Inquisitor Lichenstein the Strike Force has been increasingly drawn away towards the edge of the Ocularis Terribus region following the Inquisitors information and request for armed reprisals on fresh Chaos uprisings. The Imperial Tarrot tells of great events to come, but the way is yet unclear for Strike Force Resolution.
Grandmaster Gabriel & Deathwing Squad Retribution

With overall command, Grand Master Gabriel leads the Strike Force. The secret agenda from the Inner Circle for finding the Fallen so close to the Eye of Terror region meant a Grand Master was needed. No other Grand Master other than Azrael himself has more combat experience than Gabriel himself at the current time, which is why the Inner Circle have choosen him for this expedition.

Often forming a personal bodyguard for Gabriel and often spearheading an attack the Deathwing squad Retribution are a cornerstone of the Strike Force. Many a Chaos Covens leader has fallen to the Deathwing teleporting deep into the heart of their army and ripping it apart.

Land Raider Redemptor (part of the 1st Company) joined the Strike Force after their initial departure from the Tower of Angels. It was immediately deployed against a massive Necron threat on Armageddon where it was severely damaged, but retained its operational capabilities. After a refit aboard the Force's Battle Barge, Redemptor is once again ready for service.
Dreadnought Emarziel

Dreadnought Emarziel is an ancient member of the 5th Company with 600 years of service behind him. His servo assisted power fist and twin-linked lascannons have toppled the most fearsome of foes and helped corner the most elusive of Fallen.
Olympus Honoris: Awarded for participation in the Dark Angel Army Competition September 2002
Olympus Honoris: Awarded for participation in the Dark Angel Army Competition September 2002
Sanctum of Heroes
Deathwing Strike Forces
Ravenwing Strike Forces
Composite Battle Forces
EPIC Battle Forces
Battle Fleets of the Unforgiven
Battle Fields of the Unforgiven
The Fallen Brothers.
Member of the Inner Circle