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By Robert Cooper (Vet Sarge Malyr)
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These images have been reproduced with the kind permission of Robert Cooper.
Legions of the Unforgiven
Olympus Honoris: Awarded for participation in the Dark Angel Army Competition September 2002
Olympus Honoris: Awarded for participation in the Dark Angel Army Competition September 2002
Venerable Brother Dreadnought Hirad
Brother Hirad has been with the chapter for a very long time and he has spent most of that time entombed in Dreadnought Armour at the head of the 1st Battle Company.  Hirad was originally a Master of the Ravenwing who was killed holding the rear lines of a retreat from a chaos-infested planet.  His fellow brothers recovered Hirad's body shortly before the planet was virus bombed from orbit.  His more recent battles and they number quite high date back to a small chaos invasion just before the battle for Armageddon and through the Cimmerian Campaign.  During the Cimmerian campaign he was disabled and saw many of his fellow brothers die.  This has lead him to have his Dreadnought Armour decorated in the skulls and bodies of the enemy to remind him of the vengeance that still needs feeding.  He has been in the battle for Argus since its start and aims to see its finish so that he can get back to hunting down the chaos vermin he detests so much.
Tactical Squad 'Auel'          
Veteran Sergeant Malyr has seen some of the fiercest fighting of the chapter's recent history.  In many of these battles he has fought under the command of the Chapter's Supreme Grand Master Alsektar.  After finally blunting the attack of a Tyranid horde he and his squad have traveled to the neighboring planet of Argus Prime to re-enforce Railin's Forces.
Tactical Squad 'Anafiel'          

Sergeant Elias has spent all of his recent combat under the command of Grand Master Salek and in turn Railin.  At the start of this campaign, like the many battles before, Elias was brother Lucas under the squad command of Veteran Sergeant Elias.  After Elias' death Lucas was given command of the squad and took his previous commanders name as a mark of respect.
Scout Squad 'Ioelet'          
Like squad Anafiel, squad Ioelet has spent much of its recent fighting under Salek and Railin.  The squad is usually used to infiltrate deep into enemy territory to set up teleport homers for Deathwing Terminators to home in on.  The Special weapons recruits will assist by covering the teams flanks while they in turn are protected by the recruits set up for closer combat.  Veteran Sergeant Kalore is a long time veteran of the
Ravenwing Attack Bike Squadron 'Ziquiel' Minor          
Veteran Sergeant Atreus usually leads squad Ziquiel into battle however he has taken the rest of Squad Eziquiel on recon duties leaving there attack bike to assist in the upcoming battle.  Veteran Sergeant Atreus and his squad Ziquiel are one of the limited numbers of Ravenwing squads on the planet of Argus.  Most of the Ravenwing brothers of the circle are assisting Alsektar or performing recon on a number of other worlds.  Atreus beginnings, like many others, dates back to the battle of Armageddon where he had his commander, his squad leader and several of his brothers die under a massive ordnance barrage.  As one of the few survivors he was promoted and has quickly become one of the best squad leaders in the Ravenwing.  Due to this and his utter dedication he is been considered for further induction into the halls of the circle and promotion beyond his current rank.
Land Raider Crusader          
One of the a rare number of these variants this vehicle is used across many of the battle companies as well as the Deathwing. Although the Deathwing uses it more it is painted in the chapters green to represent its varied use.
Predator Annihilator          
This tank is the back bone of any battle time and again the Annihilator variant has been the difference between winning and losing a battle.  It draws a lot of enemy fire and dishes out a lot of anti-tank firepower.  It is also very handy against the monstrous creatures of the Tyranids and is in greater number in that campaign.
Angels of Deliverance having served as part of the Deathwing.  He has recently passed up the chance at promotion so that he can lend his vast battle knowledge to the new recruits and future of the chapters continued prosperity.
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