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By Robert Cooper (Vet Sarge Malyr)
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These images have been reproduced with the kind permission of Robert Cooper.
Legions of the Unforgiven
Olympus Honoris: Awarded for participation in the Dark Angel Army Competition September 2002
Olympus Honoris: Awarded for participation in the Dark Angel Army Competition September 2002
There are also many things that were dissimilar, most noticeably the absence of a true Deathwing.  Although they call their first company the Deathwing they do not all wear Tactical Dreadnought Armour, still however considerably more than most other chapters.  Also all brothers are encouraged to keep there original names and because many take up this offer the names appear to be as varied as their recruits are. All this changed by several key instances, starting with a battle on an insignificant 'backwater' world.  This battle involved a dug in and outnumbered small force of Dark Angel's lead by the Ezekiel himself.  The Angels of Deliverance came in force and helped dig the Dark Angels out of trouble, with Alsektar (the chapters Supreme Grand Master) fighting side by side with the most revered Ezekiel.  After the battle the Dark Angels left with little more than a short and formal embrace between Ezekiel and Alsektar.  The chapter for a while afterwards seemed to find themselves by no known design fighting along side their parent chapter in skirmish after skirmish.  Every time the Angels of Deliverance would start a campaign to find the Dark Angels helping out before its end.  After not seeing the Dark Angels while fighting in the second war of Armageddon they began a campaign to destroy a force of chaos on a world known as Kassandar.  This battle lead to them becoming entrenched on a plateau atop Mount Cimmerian, the highest point in Kassandar.  When all looked lost with an overwhelming force of Khorne baring down upon them the Dark Angels once again intervened.  After helping to drive off the horde a meeting was called between Alsektar and the Dark Angels Inner Circle.  Alsektar and his chapter it seems had come to the attention of the Dark Angels and with Ezekiel's blessing was to be inducted into the chapters of the Unforgiven.

The Dark Angels also helped to set up the Deathwing with more Terminator Suits and the Chapter adopted the name The Cimmerian Legion.  After scrutiny many of the most senior of the chapter were also given the knowledge of the fallen and over time the chapter developed many of the different levels of knowledge that existed in the Dark Angels Chapter.  The Chapter also developed some unique features.  The first and second companies became members of the circle which encompassed all the different levels of knowledge of The Chapter newly adopted secrets with some having little to no knowledge but been elite enough to be members. One particular unique part of the Chapter is the fact that a small number of veterans who saw some of the worst and bloodiest fighting formed up into a group called the Cimmerian Circle.  They all adopted the use of Lightning claws on their Tactical Dreadnought Armour and painted their amour in the three colours of the Chapter's history.  They painted their armour part black for the original legion, part white for the tradition of the Deathwing and part green for the Battle Company.  They adopt into their order those veterans who show the best and most fierce determination to crush the Chapters enemies.
Grand Master Railin of the Deathwing
Railin has only recently become the Grand Master of the Deathwing, after Salek the old Grand Master took a direct hit from an Ork missile launcher.  This was a rapid ascension, as Railin had only recently become a Grand Master of the Inner Circle.  His recent battles under Salek's command include several skirmishes against the Tau, Ork and Dark Eldar on the little known world of Argus Prime. After fighting for several weeks and successfully holding off and pushing back the Tau, Railin then proved himself worthy of promotion by leading his depleted forces after the death of Salek.  He lead a dual assault on both the Dark Eldar and Tau forces to retrieve an artifact of unknown origin.  After much fighting Railin was on the precipice of retrieving it when it was found that the Artifact had already been removed.  It is believed now to be in the hand of the Ork horde and Railin's next mission is to assault the Orks and retrieve the item.
Deathwing Tactical Dreadnought Squad 'Leliel'          
Veteran Sergeant Cooper usually accompanies Salek and now Railin as part of his bodyguard.  He currently leads Squad Leliel which is set up to use the circles Land Raider Crusader to move quickly into battle and smite the enemies fire base before they have a chance of to inflict too many casualties on their fellow brothers.  Another role is to join with Railin and meet the enemies close combat units head on before they have a chance to devastate the Chapters lines.  Whatever the fight Cooper and those he leads usually acquit themselves well and bring vast knowledge from the last battle for Armageddon.
Deathwing Tactical Dreadnought Squad 'Kerab'          

Veteran Sergeant Balek and squad Kerab are a recent addition to the fight on Argus Prime having been sent with other reinforcements from the near by battle versus the Tyranid threat.  Balek is also a veteran of the fight for Armageddon however he started that as a recruit and ended it as a brother marine.  He then quite quickly rose in the ranks and recently has been promoted to his current status.  Balek under his new command has yet to see a casualty in his squad and aims to continue this trend.  The tactic that he has used so efficiently is to be a mobile fire base which hangs back using the devastating cyclone missiles and then assaults those elements that make it through the battle's front line.
Cimmerian Legion
Angels of Deliverance

Brief History

The Angels of Deliverance are an 11th founding of the Dark Angels Legion and as such were not, originally, knowingly one of the Unforgiven.  The Angels of Deliverance were not aware of the chapters most shameful fall from grace and by extension the knowledge of the fallen.

The chapter originally had some similarities with their parent chapter.  One of the similarities is the fact that they recruit from a wide range of worlds as they move around patrolling 'unprotected' parts of space.  Another similarity is their second company, which is made up of their elite recon brothers known as the Ravenwing.
Sanctum of Heroes
Deathwing Strike Forces
Ravenwing Strike Forces
Composite Battle Forces
EPIC Battle Forces
Battle Fleets of the Unforgiven
Battle Fields of the Unforgiven
The Fallen Brothers.
Member of the Inner Circle