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By Michael White (Sandalphon)
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These images have been reproduced with the kind permission of Michael White.
Legions of the Unforgiven
Olympus Honoris: Awarded for participation in the Dark Angel Army Competition September 2002
Olympus Honoris: Awarded for participation in the Dark Angel Army Competition September 2002
Strike Force Sandalphon is an unusually strong and well balanced detachment created for the specific purposes of hunting down eldar pirates and genestealer / tyranid covens in the north eastern fringes of the galaxy. The force was initially committed to the pursuit of a genestealer patriarch whose coven in the Gothic sector was wiped out by the Dark Angels. As the success of the force grew in their constant search and destroy missions, they were reinforced with a significant force from the first and second companies, the former being most useful in boarding actions against suspected genestealer infested space hulks. The force has on occasion been honoured by the presence of the supreme grandmaster himself, along with the chapter high command to take personal command for a number of highly sensitive missions in the fringes. Such a high ranking command squad can be seen below.
Chief Librarian Sandalphon
As an ancient Librarian Sandalphon has spent centuries increasing in strength and knowledge rising through the ranks of the Deathwing and Librarian orders with equal acceleration. It was as a mere Lexicanium, that Sandalphon lost his arm to a Genestealer Patriarch, sheer will-power alone
Interrogator Chaplain Ramiel
As Master Chaplain of the Deathwing, few surpass Ramiel in Courage and Valour save Grand Master Sapphon himself. Ramiel has four Black Pearls to his name, this alone is testimony to his skills of Interrogation and his Indomitable will. The first Fallen that repented under Ramiel's interrogation was Malochai, the Commander of a Chaos Legion, and although he died at Ramiels hands, his soul was cleansed. Malochai's remains are displayed with pride atop Ramiel's armour, a grisly reminder of his unending mission.
Deathwing Contingent
Accompanying the terminator armour clad Sandalphon are two squads of Deathwing terminators, one led by Interrogator-Chaplain Ramiel and the other by Master of Deathwing Azziel.
prevented the injury from being fatal. As an Epistolary Sandalphon was assigned to a Purging mission undertaken by an elite force of Librarians with their DW bodyguards and a detachment of Grey Knights. It was assumed to be a lightning fast psychic battle against a powerful Chaos Sorcerer and his Tzeenchian minions. However the Sorcerer had concealed his plans (and demons) well and the battle raged for weeks. The strike was eventually a success, with the Grey Knights banishing the Sorcerer's soul into the void. In the final assault on the Sorcerer himself, Sandalphon had saved the life of a Grey Knight from the Warp by negating the Sorcerer's dark incantation. In return, the Knight handed Sandalphon his Nemesis Force Halberd with the words: "Use it well, for few can harness such power.but I sense it in you". On return to his Home world, Sandalphon was awarded the rank of Chief Librarian, as he stands now.
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