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By Kris Kronig (risK)
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These images have been reproduced with the kind permission of Kris Kronig.
Chapter background outlined by Kris and written and edited by the Shadow Guard
Legions of the Unforgiven
Master Belial
Master Adonai
Chorus Angeli Cantori 5th Company
Inquisitor Istvaan Hieronymus von Tobel began a covert investigation of the Dark Angels chapter and their general activity, especially since they had some of the purest gene seed. Surreptitiously working over decades, he uncovered some inconsistencies that were, to his inquiring mind, not above board. Accepting that perhaps some form of disobedience had occurred in the past, and unhappy with the complete independence shown by the unforgiven chapters, especially towards imperial command and control, he devised a complete set of litanies for indoctrination of the space marine.

Following a long grueling effort, through much manipulation, cajoling and subtle endeavor he managed to bring about the creation of two chapters using the Dark Angels gene seed. These were however created in the utmost secrecy, known only to the high lords of terra and a few within the highest echelons of the Imperium. The chapters were built up as ultramarine successors in order to study the influence of the gene seed in the absence of the
Chapter Master kronig & Command Squad
Like all ecrets, they are never kept in peace. Chapter master some how came across the information regarding their true origins. It explained a lot about the psychology of their men, who had been constantly at odds with the chaplainry's dedicated teachings. There was an open adoration of the unforgiven forces and in particular Lion El Johnson and his beliefs above all other primarchs. Finally the truth had revealed itself. Gradually discovering their entire long standing plot by the Inquisitor, he gradually re-educated the chapter hierarchy and chaplaincy. They took their vows to never reveal their discovery and to all intents and purposes remain unchanged to the outsode world. This they decided so that the inquisition remains unaware of the changes within the chapter until they had discovered the levels at which this scheme had been hatched. Gradually Kronig introduced changes that closely mached the unforgiven chapters, including a terminator armour suited first company. He now always goes to battle with a terminator command squad.
Chaplain Esop
The chaplaincy, which had been used by the inquisition to instill the new doctrines to overcome the inherent nature of the Lion's gene seed now stood to the fore. Unable to praise their true primarch openly on the battle field they vowed to ramin silent, with no prayers nor litanies on the field of battle. From that day onwards, they were known as the Choir of Silent Angels. The chaplains, whereever possible were attached to each and every strike force or team to maintain this new found piety.
Emperor's Champion
In due respect to the first company of the Dark Angels chapter, the emperor's champion in the Angeli CAntori wear bleached bone armour. In addition it is a subtle indication that they had come out of the darkness and in to the light of truth.
Dreadnoughts Brothers Nimrod and Samson.

Twin brothers, born together, joined the Angeli Cantori together and fell in battle together. They are armed to face any form of the enemy and always fight together.
unforgiven specific indoctrination. One such chapter was the Angeli Cantori. The chaplains for the chapter were chosen very carefully and under went arduous training and indoctrination. The special doctrines of the chapter were assembled as litanies and prayers, the chaplains training the marines to pray before battle and sing suitable litanies in battle. In such a manner the purity of the mind and the soul were at all times reinforced while the inquisitor's agents watched for any evidence of corruption or deviation from the imperial creed. If their behaviour over a hundred years remained loyal to the imperial decree, then they had their proof that the indoctrinations and training of the unforgiven chapters were what made them so resist imperial command.
Sanctum of Heroes
Deathwing Strike Forces
Ravenwing Strike Forces
Composite Battle Forces
EPIC Battle Forces
Battle Fleets of the Unforgiven
Battle Fields of the Unforgiven
The Fallen Brothers.