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By Nathan Bishop ( Brother Bish )
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Legions of the Unforgiven
Nathan Bishop is an avid Dark Angel fan, gamer, modeller, converter and a dear friend. He is also a member of the Inner Circle which staged the Gathering of Angels EOT campaign for the unforgiven forces. It is a great privilege that he has given his kind permission to display this unique Dark Angel fleet on the Fortress of the Unforgiven.
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Unforgiven Battle Fleets
Composite Battle Forces
Ravenwing Strike Forces
Deathwing Strike Forces
Sanctum of Heroes
Battle Fields of the Unforgiven
The Fallen Brothers.
"I have fought alongside them in battle and the Dark Angels have always had their own agenda. They are arrogant and pig headed and don't know how to relax when the fighting is over. They feel no shame in having insulted my Primarch. However, they are my battle brothers. And I would want them at my back when the Despoiler brings his Black Crusade to the Imperium again.

-Wolf Priest Gunnar Hamundarson

The Dark Angels are one of the few Space Marine chapters that have no planet to call home. Thus their ships become the home they no longer have. They are constantly in use and for this reason must be kept in perfect working order at all time.
The Sword of Caliban

The Battle Barges of the Dark Angels are huge craft that could easily carry five companies of Marines. However, normally they carry very few and are used only in the biggest of battles. These huge ships are used primarily to pound the defenses of renegade planets before a Marine assault is begun. The Bombardment Cannons on the Battle Barge can turn the most fortified of cities into crumbling rubble in a matter of hours.
Dark Angel Strike Cruisers

The Strike Cruisers of the Unforgiven are the mobile homes for the Dark Angels. Each Strike Cruiser has enough space and equipment necessary for a single company of Marines. However, it is rare that an entire company would be deployed all at one place. The Strike Cruisers are fast enough to carry troops to where they need to be and pick them up from their assignments in multiple locations throughout a system.
Like all Space Marine craft, Strike Cruisers have the capability to act as a command center during ground assaults. The weapons on the Strike Cruisers are formidable as well and provide ample protection for their precious cargo.
EPIC Battle Forces
Member of the Inner Circle