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By Carlos Gomes
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Legions of the Unforgiven
These images and background are reproduced with the kind permission of carlos Gomes.
Unforgiven Battle Fleets
Composite Battle Forces
Ravenwing Strike Forces
Deathwing Strike Forces
Sanctum of Heroes
Battle Fields of the Unforgiven
The Fallen Brothers.
Battlefleet, and The Keep
Like the Dark Angels, the Dark Knights of Caliban don´t have a homeworld, and instead have made their home in a Ramilies class star fort, that is known only as The Keep, like the old fortresses of the Order on Caliban. They mantain a large fleet and the Keep relocates on a regular basis.
Battle Barges:
These vessels are used mostly to provide orbital support to major assaults, but are perfectly capable of reducing to scrap any enemy vessel that gets within range of its bombardment cannons. The Lion´s Wrath is the oldest ship in the fleet, being over nine milennia old

Strike Cruisers:
These ships provide the vast majority of the Chapter needs for transport and support on operations, as well serving as escorts for the larger Battle Barges.
Nova Class Frigates
Gladius Class Frigates
Hunter Class Destroyers
Gladius, Nova, Hunter Class
The most recent aditions for the fleet, and due to their lack of numbers they are used mostly as rapid transports for small strike forces, ideal for use by the Chapter Chaplains and Librarians in their secret missions. Lacking the resilence and size to be equiped with valuable teleporter tecnology they have been modified to carry a single thunderhawk gunship.

Cobras, Swords, Firestorms:
The main role of this ships is to provide escort to the fleet and perform patrols in the sector of space were the Chapter is operating.
Firestorm Class Frigates
Cobra Class Destroyers
Sword Class Frigates
Thunderhawk Gunships
Thunderhawk Annihilators
EPIC Battle Forces