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Angels of Vigilance Chapter
By Richard Galvez
Lesage took his blood oath and became a full battle-brother in the Angels of Vigilance Chapter of the Adeptus Astartes over 50 years ago. In the decades since, he has led an eventful career. His first action was with the 7th Company during the Geida Crusade, retaking Astrinian Secundus after that  colony had been attacked without provocation by Eldar forces. As he advanced, he participated in actions against rebel regiments of the Imperial Guard, Orks, and Tyranids of Hive Fleet Leviathan; as well as a host of lesser engagements against foes such as the Hrud, Fermei, and heretics.
Lesage was inducted into the First Company of the Angels of Vigilance following his heroic action on Garandas Prime. It was in this action that his company was ambushed by Orks. Seeing the Company Master and his Command Squad cut down, Lesage immediately led the counterattack to recover their bodies, then led his squad in a delaying action while the rest of the company pulled back to a defensible position. Although he was grievously wounded in the battle, his wounded body was recovere and the Apothecaries were able to keep him alive long enough to evacuate him for further treatment in the Apothecarion. For his performance he was awarded the Iron Skull and initiated into the inner mysteries of the Chapter.

Lesage recently became Master of the 5th Company while participating in one of the Chapter's secret battles. While pursuing the quarry, Master Faulkner was cut down. Lesage, the next in the chain of command, took charge and was successful in accomplishing the mission. Grand Master Artus, with the consent of the Grand Master of Librarians and Chief Interrogator Chaplain, installed Lesage as Master of the 5th Company.

When the Angels of Vigilance deployed 5 companies to augment the Imperial forces at the Armageddon campaign, the 5th Company, led by Master Lesage, was included. Upon arrival in-system, 4 of the companies immediately linked up with the Black Templars in their mission of smashing the Orks' space hulks. The 2nd and 5th companies continued to the surface in order to relieve the beleaguered defenders of Hive Acheron.
Master Lesage personally led the attack that took the Acheron Bridge. When the Blackskulls Orks overran the Hemlock Cordon, Lesage's 5th Company formed the vanguard of the defense, giving the other Imperial forces time to retreat back into the hive. The 2nd Company was decimated by the Orks, with only a few squadrons able to join up with their brethren at the bridge. As the other Imperial forces faced the new enemies presented by the citizens loyal to Von Strab, the Angels of Vigilance kept the Orks at bay. Holding out  until further Imperial forces arrived, the remaining Angels of Vigilance were reduced to approximately 30% of their original strength. The Angels of Vigilance assisted in the pursuit of the Ork forces as they fled Hive Acheron, then rejoined their battle brothers for the journey back to Pervigilium.

Master Lesage is a taciturn, spartan man, even for a Space Marine. In his long years of service to the Emperor he has devoted his life to mastery of the dictates of the Codex Astartes. Stubborn in the extreme, Lesage holds his boltgun as his favored weapon. While he is not wont to talk about his life, the many scars that crisscross his massive frame tell a colorful story.