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The Fallen Brothers.
Dark Angels Chapter
By Carlos Fernandez ( Karze )
Codicier Karze, hero of hopeless:
Since his acceptation as a dark angel long time ago, it seems that bad luck persecutes him. Some people say that he's touched by dark powers, other say that he has renounce of its, so dark gods want his ruin. About a hundred and ten years ago a dark angel's army arrived to a far and forgetful planet, Valian. Valian wasn't an important planet, hadn't got any relevant economic or mercantile activities. It only was an arid planet of underdeveloped humans who lived in a primitive society; there were only few cities and nomadic tribes. Its inhabitants were only poor shepherds and poorer farmers. But being far of the imperial justice in the last times some smugglers, assassins and outlaws in general had converted Valian in a refuge. Dark angels had only one preoccupation, probably a Fallen was hiding in Valian introducing a chaos cult. When de fleet arrive the situation was worst than tactics think, the cultism was too extended and an improvise army face them. A terrible disaster happened, one of the principal transports fell victim of enemy fire. Any way of reinforcements were too far and run the risk of allow the Fallen escape was too high, so they decided to recruit some warrior oh the nearest planet: Sidi.

In Sidi, the dark angels got enough new recruits to finish successfully the Valian campaign. When it finished the mater of the army decided to keep the survival new recruits as official new recruits for the chapter. One of them was Karze, a Duke of Sidi's son. As a tactic space marine of the second squad of the third company the first battle report is about First Repression of Tau Campaign. Gahol's detachment has had the mission of retrieve and assures some territories that before were Imperial advanced posts or colonies. It was a long and annoying campaign, in hostile and isolated territories, too far of all places.

Tau have extended their territories without imperial opposition, it was time to defeat xenos. The Imperial Guard was in the campaign too, but there were some battle that only a super human like a space marine can win. At the beginning seem that imperial armies were blessed by the Emperor, victory after victory. But at last imperials forces lost their impetus and the campaign becomes in offensive and defensive missions without tactical exit or advance. Was a time for a sacrifice, the assault to the main Tau fortress, a planet entirely turned in a bastion. Gahol offer himself to assault, he and his men had to do the hardest duty. There were too many falls, so Karze became the squad's sergeant. Thanks to his tactical aptitudes and the redeployment he suggested the falls and estimated time of the campaign were minimized.
After that Karze participate in other conflicts, but the next important point was in Saint Creux, a planet where was found a Necrontyr construction. It was a suicidal mission, bombard all the surface of the planet with simultaneously land in drop pods, and be sure that nothing will survive. It was a high secret and important mission but completely suicidal.

In fact, when troops have landed, necrons started a savage defence. The entire battlefield was razed, without any cover. Some Deathwing units and third company squads face directly necrons army, but the real core of the Deathwing was waiting to be teleported in the main structure. However Karze's squad, following him made a brave quest. In a demonstration of ferocity, trust and stubbornness they placed a teleportation homer in the main structure; terminator could teleport themselves and destroyed ecstasies chambers. There was a glorious combat, there were lots of heroes and heroic actions, but this is another story. After the victory, when his men were embarking something happened, Karze felt a temperature descent, in an instant all: brothers, vehicles and the landscape; was vanished. His mind was touching the warp, daemons went attracted by Karze like a beacon. Only his willpower could break the contact with the Inmaterium. Quickly he went to brother librarian Lucius. Karze knew that if he was touched by chaotic powers he'll be a danger for his brothers; his honour was as great as his arrogance, so he surrender himself. He was analyzed and trained by the librarium of the chapter, he was endowed with exceptional psychic powers and nobody knew why they were undetected before. His domains of his own powers was great and, most important, he was iron-minded. With time his powers improved, his dominion of them was amazing. But not the whole was good

Some murmurs say that Karze was tempted by dark entities; some say he refused the offer, some are more malicious In fact his mighty bad fate starts at this point. May be a coincidence, may be not. Bad fates persecute him, but he will ever surrender himself; without hope, but without fear. Why bad fates look for him? We'll never know this. The biggest beat for Karze was in a very sentimentalist mission: the defence of his natal planet. Cultism was reappeared in Valian, more aggressive than last time. In this occasion a heretic army started a destructive campaign to nearest planet, Sidi.
Dark gods want blood, end there was too many blood. The heretic army was annihilated; Valian was demolished house by house, heretic altar by heretic altar, but was too late for Sidi. All the surface of the planet was razed in the battle; Karze had to see how his planet was razed. After that, Karze begins to wear the Pain's Chains in a sign of redemption and fury. It was a too daemonic fury for few people. He lives by and for war. When Lucius was finally dead at his side he simply continue fighting, more furious and deadly, but he only stopped when last enemy was killed. He loves war, war possess him.
Finally, when the 13th Black Crusade begins was assigned to a contingent of the forth company that at the day it's considered disappeared. The Lasciate Ogne Speranza (forget any hope).