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The Fallen Brothers.
Dark Angels Chapter
By Jorgen Bender ( GM Ciaphas )
Boreaus is the current Interrogator-Chaplain attached to the command of Grand Master Ciaphas. He is an inspired speaker, and his words have stirred the hearts and souls of his fellow Brother-Marines. It is for this reason the he is so valued by Grand Master Ciaphas. Boreaus possesses many qualities, and though chief amongst them is his gift with words, he is also an able and daring commander, who is often entrusted to lead elements of Strike Force Vendetta against the many enemies of the Chapter. Boreaus' tale commences on the grim world of Telssiar, a mining colony near the galactic core. Telssiar unique ecology had given rise to several indigenous which were entirely inimical to human existence. These fierce creatures preyed upon the miners, but the cost in human life was deemed acceptable by the Adeptus Mechanicus overseers who ran the colony. Boreaus' father was a fiercely devout man who paid as much as his meagre earnings would allow him to do to the Imperial Cult in tithe. Boreaus learnt much about the God-Emperor of Mankind and the dept owed to him by humanity. As it was, the Overseers turned to their own ways, and rather than give proper reverence to the God-Emperor, or indeed their own Machine God, they started to sacrifice the miners to the predators in the name of some unmentionable entity. Such an affront to the Imperial Cult could naturally not be tolerated, but after an entire IG taskforce had been slaughtered by the elite Skitarii regiments of the Adeptus Mechanicus stationed upon the world, an entirely different kind of force was called in. Where the Imperial Guard can be compared to a sledgehammer, the Space Marines are comparable to a scalpel. Within a month of the secession of Telssiar, the Dark Angels Strike Cruiser "Lion's Fury" arrived in system. By then the Tech-Priests had fallen entirely under the sway to their dark masters, and chaos roamed freely across the colonies on Telssiar.
As the Dark Angels made planetfall, they were met by horrific, unnatural melds of man and machine. Despite stiff opposition, the Dark Angels advanced steadily through the world, cleasing one colony after another. The Skitarii were cut off piecemeal and annihilated in ferocious crossfires, carefully orchestrated by Master Sheol of the 4th Company. After the final battle had been fought, and the Dark Angels picked through the desolate remains of the colony, they came across a rare sight. In the shadow of a statue of some long forgotten Lord Militant, whose features had been pocked marked by fragmentation grenades, they saw a young boy standing on a wooden box telling an enraptured crowd about the deliverance which had just been delivered onto them by the Emperor's Finest. His speech roused the hearts and spirits of the listeners who swept across town hunting down any remaining pockets of resistance. Impressed by the boy's oratory, he was taken back for testing. After having been proven free of any taint, the young Boreaus was inducted into the training regime.

Boreaus proved to be a suitable subject, and his responses to the implants were satisfactory. Though older than most who are selected to become Space Marines, Boreaus possessed that knack for soldiering which was essential. Though others were better than him at the various uses of weapons, none knew the scriptures as well as he did. Nor could any hold a better speech or recite the Canticles of War or Loathing as well as Boreaus did. His path was shiningly clear to his mentors. Should he survive the transformation from human to Space Marine, Boreaus would serve the Chapter and the Lion best as a Chaplain. As it was, he did survive, and when he first put on that dark green armour, he felt that he was born anew. A living instrument in the service of the Emperor, Boreaus now knew that he had been born to smite the enemies of the Imperium and of the Chapter. It was during his second mission that he learnt of the Secret Shame. A Fallen Angel had managed to twist the minds and senses of a remote community and this had come to the attention of the Dark Angels. Sent in to cull the cur, they were met by the stubborn and fanatical resistance of the villagers. Though outgunned and outclassed to a comical degree by the Space Marines, they fought stubbornly to the bitter end. As fate would have it, a villager with melta-bombs strapped to his chest managed to obliterate all of Boreaus' combat squad, leaving only him and a chaplain in a position to intercept and detain the Fallen Angel.
Olympus Victor: Awarded for participation in the Sword of Retribution Contest 2006
Olympus Victor: Awarded for participation in the Sword of Retribution Contest 2006
Such it was that Boreaus came to learn the beginnings of the Secret. He was also inducted into the ranks of the Chaplains, and thus started to wear the pitch black livery of the Chaplains. His third assignment as Chaplain had him assigned to Strike Force Vendetta, newly created by Master Belial under the able and competent Master Ciaphas. There he is serving to this date, his words hearkening the spirits of his Battle-Brothers and his sound advice appreciated by now Grand Master Ciaphas. For a while Boreaus preferred to fly into battle with a jump pack strapped to his pack, firing his bolter and giving deliverance with his Crozius Arcanum. Recently, though, Boreaus was gifted with an ancient suit of tactical Dreadnought armour. The increased presence of 1st Company Deathwing Terminators as led to the senior officers of Strike Force Vendetta being issued with Terminator armour so that they can better lead these elite warriors of the Chapter. Now, the call to arms has been sounded on Medusa V. Strike Force Vendetta has answered it and joined the collective armies of the First Chapter known as the "Sword of Redemption". The pict taken of Boreaus shows him advancing across the outskirts of Deimos Spaceport, repelling a vanguard of Chaos Space Marines.     

Of the valiant deeds Boreaus has done in the service of the Lion and the Chapter, the one best remembered and the one which earned him his Terminator Honours, was a desperate battle against Eldar Pirates. In order to buy time for an orderly withdrawal of an exposed position, Boreaus assaulted an Eldar warmachine classified as a "Talos", and smote it single-handedly to the ground with several well-placed blows from his glowing Crozius. Boreaus survived the encounter and proceeded, after destroying the warmachine, to rip apart two score of the Eldar warriors. Though the position was ultimately lost, the courageous actions of Boreaus had allowed for a defence in depth to be erected and in the end, the Eldar were driven off the planet.