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Dark Angels Chapter
By Matt Robbins
Born on Cadia, once he was old enough to hold a las rifle he was conscripted into a Cadian youth army. Unlucky enough to be thrown into the wake of the tyranid Hive Fleet Kraken, his squad held out against a tyranids onslaught for three days, defending the city of Carthage,  buying time for it to be evacuated. When the Angels of Justice finally arrived to reinforce the position all but Tiberius lay dead. Sensing his undeniable, though untrained,  psychic powers they immediately inducted him into the chapter as an initiate and started him down the path of the space marine.


Terminator armour, bionics, storm bolter, psychic hood and power-axe 'Tempest'

Current Position:

He is currently 1st Librarian of the Angels of Justice, his wisdom and council helping to guide them into a new renaissance. He is an old friend to the commander, and leads the second company into battle.

Famous Achievements:
Tiberius knows sacrifice as well as he knows war. He has held the line against the tyranid swarm and has cut a swathe through ork WAAGHs. His psychic gifts provide for him the ability to see things that others don't, and sense things that others miss. This was why he has been such a great asset to the Angels of Justice.

Later on in his career, fighting alongside his comerades during the battle of the Chaos March on Alberus VII he would find out that luck doesn't hold out forever. A lascannon blast from an obliterator disintergrated his arm. Pushing on through the pain of his own injury, he and his brother marines fought on, but were eventually overwhealmed and outgunned by enemy troops. Captured alive by chaos forces, he was brought before the Thousand Sons sorcerer. Failing their attempt to corrupt his mind and make him renounce the Emperor as a false god, they set about torturing him, burning through his eyeballs with white hot metal brands, defiling him with the symbols of chaos.  Once they were done torturing him they crucified him alongside his brothers on the mountain that had been their last stand. Several days passed before a retrieval ship flying overhead spotted him atop the mountain, crudely nailed to the cross, and brought him aboard. An inch away from death, the apothecary asked if he wanted to have the Emperors Peace. "No ... I want them to pay."

After his ordeal Tiberius underwent serious recuperation and rehabilitation, with the replacement of his arm with a bionic fitting. Retraining followed soon after, allowing him to attune himself to his new bionic arm. He refused the implantation of bionic eyes as his psychic abilities allowed him to see past the lies and confusion often confronted on the battlefield, preferring instead to leave the scars of chaos within his eye sockets as a reminder of the horrors he had faced.

Olympus Victor: Awarded for participation in the Sword of Retribution Contest 2006
Olympus Victor: Awarded for participation in the Sword of Retribution Contest 2006
Once fully recovered Tiberius would have his vengeance in the Eye of Terror campaigns, and the many battles on the world of Armageddon. He now not only fights with honour and courage, but a cold temperance and battle-hardened intensity unmatched by any of his brothers. He is a stern tactician and is one of the reasons that the Angels of Justice hold the position that they do. He has sacrificed much for the Imperium, and has never asked for anything in return, bar a good set of armour and a steady supply of bolter shells so that he may administer justice unto those that truly deserve it.

Famous Quote: "Justice is blind"