Pellinor responded well to the implants necessary to make him into a Space Marine. By the time the escort vessel rejoined its parent strike cruiser, Pellinor was ready to be inducted into the Dark Angels proper. At the Ritual of Naming, Pellinor's original name was taken from him to be replaced by one fitting for a Dark Angel. The name assigned  Pellinor  caused some surprise amongst the members of the Inner Circle, for Pellinor had been the name of a Dark Angel from Caliban who had stayed loyal to the Lion; it was a name that had not been assigned for a millennia.

Armoury: Master Pellinor usually carries a plasma pistol and the Salvation Blade  a powered broadsword. In addition to this he has the usual equipment assigned to one of the rank of master  an Iron Halo.

Current Position: Master Pellinor is currently attached to the Dark Angels' fourth company en-route from Medusa V and is following up rumours of a charismatic heretic leader who wears black armour on Camalon IX.

Famous achievements: Master Pellinor has only recently attained his rank. He is unusual in that, although he is currently attached to the fourth company, he is not a Company Master.  He owes his elevation to the rank of Master due to his involvement as a member of the Deathwing in the Rhessus-world incident. The Dark Angels assaulted a hive city that was in the upheaval of rebellion. Under the cover of the assault, two Deathwing squads led by Interrogator-Chaplain Aradiez teleported into the traitor headquarters in an attempt to behead the rebellion. It turned out to be a costly mistake; traitor marines of the Alpha Legion turned out to be waiting for the Dark Angels and a heavy toll was exacted on the teleporting squads as they appeared in the open, including Aradiez. However, Pellinor was able to gain control of the situation and regroup his men before launching a counter-assault that cleared the enemy firebase. Seeing the terminators gaining the upper hand, the Alpha Legion attempted a counter-attack of their own. But now that the Deathwing were in cover they were able to bring their true potency to bear and the counter-attack was repulsed with heavy casualties. Without hesitation, Pellinor pressed his advantage and was able to engage the traitor commander in close combat and kill him. But it was not without cost; not a terminator escaped without an injury and Pellinor himself lost an eye. Without their previous co-ordination, the rebels on Rhessus were quickly exterminated.

Following such valour, Pellinor was closely observed by the Inner Circle and, after rigorous testing, was admitted to their presence. There Pellinor was told of a world named Medusa V and the approaching Warp Storm that was set to destroy it. Pellinor was informed that he was to be attached to the Dark Angels 4th company where he would be expected to lead elements of the company in the field whilst the Company Master, Chaplain and Librarian led select elements of the Company in search of news of the Fallen. In short, Pellinor was to take part in the overall Astartes battle-strategy whilst the remainder of the Company pursued the Dark Angel's own agenda. Pellinor was duly invested with the accoutrements of a Master including a suit of ornate power armour and an iron halo. In addition, the Company Master gifted Pellinor with the Salvation Blade; a relic of the Chapter traditionally owned by the 4th Company Master.

Pellinor and his 4th Company marines were assigned to the Edethor region of Medusa V. There they served with notable success, particularly against the Xenos Orks and Tau. This served as a suitable smokescreen for the activities of the 4th Company in the region and, although no Fallen were captured, several promising leads were discovered.

Pellinor became noted for his desire to lead his company from the front, although on at least one occasion this resulted in him receiving a serious wound. By the end of the campaign Pellinor had notched up a number of victories of note. On one particularly notable occasion, the Dark Angels were aiding in the assault on the Charybdis Crest when they encountered a Tau force with a number of human auxiliaries. These men sported the uniforms of the Imperial Guard  clearly they had turned traitor. Pellinor immediately led his mean in an assault, driving the traitors and Xenos backward, only to have to turn himself as Tau Orcas dropped reinforcements to his rear. Fortunately the Dark Angels were more than up to the challenge and they were able to see of the counter-attack through disciplined fire whilst the forward elements succeeded in destroying the retreating forces. The battle had been short, but bloody for the Xenos  not a traitor or alien stood whilst the Dark Angels' casualties were few.

After the Medusa V campaign, the Inner Circle decided to keep Pellinor attached to the 4th Company where he could provide able support to the Company Master. Pellinor has recently been despatched to the Urza Majoris system to investigate rumours of a mysterious 'prophet' behind rebellions there.
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By Richard Gill ( Gillyfish )
Origin: Pellinor was born on a feral world called Lazarus II in the Segmentum Obscurus. Large areas of the planet had been cultivated for agriculture, although the planet never reached the status of a fully-fledged agri-world. The reasons for this may have been an Ork invasion in M39 that was beaten off, unusually, by the indigenous population. This may also be the reason why the human inhabitants exist in a techno-feudal society of rather than the more technologically adept society of a standard agri-world. As with all planets invaded by the Orks, their spore remains and conflicts with resurgent greenskins are common. The locals generally hunt them over the open plains on horseback, armed with primitive solid shot weapons and chainswords, aiming to drive the Orks back into the woodland that covers much of the land. As a result of this form of warfare, the imperial Guard often use Lazarus as a recruiting ground for their Rough Rider regiments.

Pellinor was in his early teens when he came to the attention of the Dark Angels; a fourth company escort vessel had been damaged by a warp storm and had had to make planetfall in order to make repairs.

The inhabitants were naturally drawn towards the ship, hoping to trade their produce as they usually did when vessels visited the planet. However, they were not the only ones to be drawn to the ship; the Orks had been watching and choose to attack the trade caravan. A fierce battle ensued with the humans suffering heavy losses in the initial surprise. The young Pellinor fought with particular ferocity, picking up a fallen weapon and attacking the Orks with astonishing abandon. It was nearly his end as the Orks were far stronger than a mere boy, but Pellinor was fast and managed to down two of the brutes before having his ribs crushed by an Orkish boot. The wounded boy looked up, expecting to meet his fate only to see the Ork's head explode as it was pulped by a bolter round from the Dark Angels who had decided to investigate the noise. Veteran Sergeant Ethaniel had seen the boy's heroics and decided that he would make a fine recruit. The Dark Angels took the boy with them. He would never see his home planet again.
Olympus Honoris: Awarded for participation in the Quest Eternus 2007 Contest
Olympus Honoris: Awarded for participation in the Quest Eternus 2007 Contest