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Dark Angels Chapter
By Jan van Putten (Capt Bannockburn)
Origin: Duma was born on the ice world of Tellendaeus Prime, a world being on the course of the rock only by accident. With recruitment day coming up and some bad casualties in the 4th company, Grand Master Azrael decided to give the tribal barbarians of the ice wastes a try. Of the fifty something recruits only a few were fit to be full fledged space marines, Duma being one of them. As the son of a tribal leader he quickly took second command of his scout squad, leading them to victory in a stealth mission against orcs, after their sergeant fell prey to a combat patrol. Duma personally took down the Waaagh-Boss with his sniper rifle and used a rigged teleport homer to get the rest of his squad out of the combat zone. After that he received full battle honours and continued to lead by example. Now he's about 200 standard years old and leads the 4th company for 140 years.

Armoury: Duma prefers a single lightning claw and a storm bolter, making use of both his outstanding marksman and melee skills.
He also uses the standard issue krag and frag grenades and a bolt pistol. As a company master of the Unforgiven, he is equipped with an iron halo.

Current Position: As Master of the 4th Company, Duma also holds the office of the Master of the Fleet. Still, he seldomly resorts to this rank and lets the high admiral of the fleet make most decisions. Nevertheless, both men are fast friends and rely upon each other for counsel.
Famous Achievements:

- While still in the 10th Company, he killed an Ork Waaagh-Boss with his sniper rifle and saved the rest of his squad through quick thinking.
- In his 4th year as a battle brother he was one of the few whose squad was successful against a Tau detachment.
- He was awarded command of his squad, when his sergeant fell two years later in a fight against chaos forces. Duma took up the power weapon of his dead sergeant and killed the chaos champion responsible for this death.
- He was awarded veteran status after only 20 years of duty, fighting in the first squad of the 4th company henceforth.
- Duma lost his left eye in duty against Tyranids boarding an imperial retribution class battle ship. Since it was only a minor injury he kept on fighting, recovered the company banner and for this was awarded the honour of bearing it into battle. His eye was later replaced by a bionic version. The vessel was saved.
- He bore the banner for further 32 years, when the former captain of the 4th company fell to artillery fire of chaos forces. Rallying the troops around the banner, Duma managed to turn a near loss into a victory and was inducted into the Deathwing after being found worthy. He was subsequently promoted to Master of the 4th company.
- Since taking his new position, Duma only had a few minor losses, but a noteworthy tally of victories. He believes in leading from the front and by example and is thus revered by his subordinates.
- Currently, Duma is leading an attack against the world of Kashya, were he was wounded after finding out about one or more Fallen on the world. While recovering from wounds, Duma sustained from a Dark Eldar lord, Sammael took command over Dumas small detachment bringing a small Ravenwing force along to look for hints of the Fallen.

Olympus Honoris: Awarded for participation in the Quest Eternus 2007 Contest
Olympus Honoris: Awarded for participation in the Quest Eternus 2007 Contest