Fortress of the Unforgiven Entry

Phase 1: completely model the five squads - COMPLETED
Phase 2: Add icons and additional paraphernelia to the models; Commence work on the two characters. - COMPLETED
Phase 3: Paint the squads
Phase 4: paint the characters

Commenced: 28 February 2011. Completed: 15 March 2011
This phase consisted of all the five squads being put together. I essentially hacked, ripped, swapped and glued to my hearts content. Only the two cyclone launchers were not glued on to allow painting. The rest I will paint as the models are. below are the completed squads.

CONCEPTS: I tried to maintain three major concepts for this project.
1. Each terminator would have a uniquely pose as well as be individualized by way of icons and equipment.
2. Every terminator would sport atleast one feather sometimes more in memory of those who died in the plains world. I especially wanted the feathers to be gigantic rather than resemble small totems carried by the spacewolves.
3. The storm shields would also all be different from one another and purposefully be bulked up with thick greenstuff casts.
DW Squad 1: Four terminators made ffrom standard parts. The sergeant consists of Commander Culn's body and plastic terminator arms. This is the very first time I have ever attempted greenstuff moulding, casting and sculpting. You can see that the amount of greenstuff and complexity increase as each squad is completed.
DW Squad 2: The entire squad is made from Space Hulk models.I've done just a few weapons swaps and have removed the cloak bits from the sergeant. All mould lines are gone as are the Blood ANgel icons. Quite happy with the way the Green Stuff feathers and purity seals have turned out.
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DW Squad 3: Again four members of DW from the SH game. The sergeant is none other than the Lugft Huron model complemented by Commander Culn's weapons arms. managed to convey some dynamism with the chainfist and thunderhammer terminatorsa. Increasing Green Stuff content.
DW Squad 4: A major mix of standard, assault and wolfguard terminator parts. The SH model is the one with LCs which i sawed off. I am especially proud of the left/right swap for the Th & SS terminator. This squad will be accompanied by the Int Chaplain By this time I have become more confident using greenstuff.. in reality I had been using it for only around a week at this time. However, I am getting quite good casts of Dark Angel icons for the storm shields and their greeves..
DW Squad 5: Belial's command squad. The TH terminators  are all in either charging or swinging poses. The assualt cannon from SH needed no changes at all. The apothecary is Tyberos. I added a SW terminator chaifist and then parts of the SM Command Squad apothecary's parts.More plastic and greenstuff add ones for the squad.
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