Fortress of the Unforgiven Entry

Phase 1: completely model the five squads - COMPLETED
Phase 2: Add icons and additional paraphernelia to the models; Commence work on the two characters. - COMPLETED
Phase 3: Paint the squads
Phase 4: paint the characters

Commenced: 28 February 2011. Completed: 15 March 2011
This phase consisted of all the five squads being put together. I essentially hacked, ripped, swapped and glued to my hearts content. Only the two cyclone launchers were not glued on to allow painting. The rest I will paint as the models are. below are the completed squads.

CONCEPTS: I tried to maintain three major concepts for this project.
1. Each terminator would have a uniquely pose as well as be individualized by way of icons and equipment.
2. Every terminator would sport atleast one feather sometimes more in memory of those who died in the plains world. I especially wanted the feathers to be gigantic rather than resemble small totems carried by the spacewolves.
3. The storm shields would also all be different from one another and purposefully be bulked up with thick greenstuff casts.
DW Squad 5 Apothecary: I wanted the apothecary to be unique. I used the commander of the Carcharodons from Forge World as the base. I chose to convert one arm to be the reductor and added green stuff embellishments as well as those from the veterans sprues.
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DW Squad 5: Master of Deathwing Belial: This is an entirely new model built from the basics. I had initially planned to use the legs and right arm of Logan Grimnar to provide Belial with a menacing and charging concept. As I realised the size descrepancy between the new plastics and the od metal miniatures.  As a result this version of Belial was born.

I managed to sculpt for the very first time an entire robe along with a large amount of feathers, purity seals, messages etc. I think I have managed to capture the assaulting terminators menacing body language.
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