The Second Fortress Mega Competition

Darkness swells like deathly cloak, for millennia as stars were born
A silent watcher, this universe awoke, life and hope in a brilliant dawn

Men were born to live and die, to fight and suffer in an alien fife,
In their worlds they would try, they would struggle for right to life.

The time of men did come forth, to the stars and beyond they did reach
Science and magic led their growth, the barriers of space did they breach

In their time man did peak, whence did fall the elder race
The edge of galaxy did they seek, in their path horrors did they gaze.

A man so born as destiny's child, led his clan to the stars and beyond
Gathered his sons so scattered by fate, in their hearts purity abound

As the conqueror led his sway, imperator of man, protector of all
There did seeds of treason lay, within his home and in his hall,

Favoured son broke the peace, to war he rallied the corrupted horde
Valiant sons honour betrayed, brotherhood fallen, did spite their lord

The war of faith did last long, as brother killed brother and father did fight
In that battle truth did victor as heretics fell to his graceful might.

To his side did rush the wolf and the lion, with bolter and sword in their hands
Furious onslaught did they engulf, traitor hordes, masters and their bands

Paternal ascent and brotherly dissent, gone was the way of the imperial galore
In the aftermath did they resent, cowardice, treachery, heresy and more

Once again near Caliban's moons, did one so close act with treacherous heart
Torn yet again were the brothers, vengeance unleashed, brothers apart

Born to them were the sons of the lion, and their sons and even more,
Purest heritage from their scion, formed their chapters with glorious lore

On wings of death they shall ride, to unleash hell and fury from above
Sons of Johnson shall roll like a tide, in memory of the father and the lord they love

Enemies beware! Heretics take care!, the sons of lion shall guard their lore
Kith or kin you will not dare, to face the wrath as the lions roar

Stand by me ye warriors of penance, one single banner forever be together
Lion in our hearts, his spirit our essence, call out with pride YE ANGELS GATHER!
Welcome to the second mega competition to be held at the Fortress of the Unforgiven. Some of you may remember the first mega competition, where entries were called for entire unforgiven armies. Building on the success of that event, I now present to you the second major event. I think I would not be wrong if I said that a similar competition, on this scale of complexity yet with the ease of entry and the diversity of prizes has never been held on the web in relation to the 40K hobby. So, without wasting anymore time, read through the next sections carefully and enter the big event!
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