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Few amongst the numerous caverns and dungeons that populated the bedrock of the Tower of Angels were as old as the Conclavium Angelus. It had been built at a time when the Tower of Angels was still part of the world of Caliban and long before the coming of the primarch. It had been the council room of the group of knights who had been simply known as the "Order". Here was where their grandmaster gathered his most learned nobles, the bravest knights and the cleverest ministers for regular counsel on all matter pertaining to their organisation. This was the exact chamber where the great primarch of the Dark Angels and his erstwhile brother in arms, Luther, argued their case for the campaign that cleansed their blighted world. It was here that the Lion subsequently held his great war council and where the "Order" decided to join the Dark Angels legion after the arrival of the emperor of man. The chamber was more than ten thousand years old as was some of the furniture within the room. The massive magenta coloured central table was older than anyone who sat at it. It had seen sparse activity over those years as the chamber was now relegated towards meetings of inner circle on matters of the highest magnitude. It had never seen the numbers of people that now attended the chambers. In ten thousand years there were few occasions when the council table had been as crowded as it was this day.

Imposing men sat at each of the large solid wooden chairs, clad in full power armour, their physical bulk matched by their strong personalities. They were divided in groups of three, each one with the colour and insignias of their own chapter. As was the norm, the seats were taken up by the chapter masters flanked by the chief librarian and the grandmaster of chaplaincy of each chapter the command trinity of each chapter. What was unusual was the number of unforgiven chapters that were present in full strength. The bone white armour of the angels of absolution contrasted starkly with that of the Dark Angels, with whom they had battled side by side. The Angels of Vengeance, their black armour a reminder of the old days next to those of the Angels of Redemption with their two tone armour, both chapters having made the perilous warp journey in time. Then there were the golden yellow armour of the Angels of Vigilance, guardians of Pervigilium with a sworn oath to guard the gates of the eye, the Angels of Retribution and many others from subsequent foundings. Notable by their absence were the grandmasters of librarians from the Dark Angels and Redemption chapters. Supreme Grandmaster Azrael looked around the table, bright eyes shining with determination, holding each member in his eyes for a mere moment. Never before had such a force gathered within these halls. He was the unquestioned leader of the Unforgiven. As the guardians of the Tower of Angels the Dark Angels chapter were considered first amongst equals and the chapter master the accepted leader in their search for redemption. Azrael completed his scrutiny of the brother commanders there and momentarily glanced at the second exit door from the chamber, subconsciously hoping for the arrival of the two librarians. Then Azrael addressed the gathering.

"The emperor watches over us, and the Lion protects!"

"Hail the emperor! In the Lions eyes we are judged!" responded the gathered grandmasters.

"Brothers! Sons of the Lion! It is indeed fortunate to have been able to witness a gathering of angels so large and powerful in my lifetime." Azrael continued "I extend my warmest greetings and gratitude on behalf of my chapter and our inner circle for your presence here. The situation on the warfront is critical to say the least, despite our many victories and accomplishments. The sons of Johnson have been extremely committed in many of the war zones, yet the constant calls for relief and pleas for help echo in our ears incessantly. The fallen have further behaved with their usual tenacity in attempting to avoid us, though we have indeed met with greater success than ever before, yet failed significantly in others. I will now summarise the situation in detail for our newly arrived brethren. We have little time and much to accomplish."

With a flick of his wrist a holographic three dimensional vid-display appeared in the centre of the massive oval table, providing the same image regardless of the direction it was viewed from. The entire region of the eye of terror was displayed, the holo-map updating force dispositions and events in real time. The librarians of the various chapters were transferring data of their force dispositions directly in to the personal display panels set on the chairs, and these were up-linked to the holo-map.

"The emperor has been kind. He has allowed our brothers in the Redemption and Vengeance chapters to learn, locate and then use the two ancient warp gates, which has enabled us to build this unforgiven strike force of unprecedented strength. My warm compliments are extended to them in their successful journey across the empyrean."

Interrupting the supreme grandmaster as he paused for effect, his counterpart from the Angels of Vengeance said "Our combined chapters have much to thank your forces stationed here. Their extremely successful assaults provided us with a safe and secret exit through the two warp gates. Our fleets have been deployed in this region for weeks and yet few are aware of our strength. I humbly pass the gratitude of our chapters to you."

"You will thank us by joining the battle" smiled Azrael, always the consummate diplomat, taking the opportunity to lighten the moment and break the tension. A momentary burst of restrained laughter passed through the room, before all quietened again in expectation of Azrael's strategy.

"The major focus of the war remains within the Cadian, Agripinaa and Caliban system as far as we are concerned. On the main tactical battle front, the timely arrival of the combined battle fleets vengeance and Redemption were able to annihilate a strong chaos fleet in the vicinity of St Josmane's Hope. Though it was little consolation against the fall of Hope and its subsequent exterminatus, the victory against the warmaster Barradon will relinquish some pressure upon the brave defenders of the Cadian system. The combined fleets are even now en route to our home system for further deployment. Their development of new fleet tactics has proven to be devastating, and will become standard practice amongst all our naval assets." A nod of approval was directed by all gathered there towards the relevant chapter masters. "We have conducted lightning raids in many of the systems of Agripinaa which has resulted not only the accumulation of massive amounts of data on the activities of the fallen, but also has disrupted the enemy's plans to the extent that our imperial brethren have been able to claw back large amounts of lost ground. Sadly we suffered a major setback in the loss of grandmaster of librarians Azadael. Ezekiel believes him to be alive and that the trap itself was in fact set for his own capture. Our efforts at present have been aimed at disrupting the activities of the fallen and gathering information as to his whereabouts and the designs of the fallen for his capture. We are close to locating the nest of vipers."

"Brave Cadia endures, but is thoroughly weakened and embattled. In the Basilica Defaux on Xersia, the fifth company sacrificed themselves but stood resolutely against the despoiler, splendid proof that the angels shall not let the son of darkness pass! We will face him and we shall stop him!" A rustle of approval spread around the table.

"You have proven beyond doubt that your leadership shall lead us to victory supreme grandmaster!" voiced a golden armoured member of the Angels of Vigilance.

"I can but lead, the victory was obtained with the blood of our battle brothers" said Azrael humbly. The gathered commanders nodded again in approval, marvelling at the humble Azrael, who at this present time wielded in the combined unforgiven chapters, a force that was nearly comparable to the legions of old.

We have fought bitter battles in the space around our most venerated Caliban system. The escalation of chaos incursions are no doubt a precursor to a major invasion of the planet. Following the pattern of insidious infiltration within the prisons of St Josmane's Hope, we expect a similar pattern in the prison system of Terraq. However our incessant pursuit of every lead on the fallen has provided some damning evidence. They know of the Keep!"
Doctrinae Unforgiven
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