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Chapter I: Prophecy of Doom

Erdan Vitelgo        
Freight captain who passed by without discovering the first gathering of angels at the Absalom Asteroid field.

Chapter II: Council of War

Azrael, Supreme Grandmaster of the Dark Angels
High Lord of the Unforgiven

Ezekiel, Grandmaster of Librarians
Dark Angels Chapter

Chapter III: Exile of an exodite

Elfarion, Exodite Farseer
Leader of the Exodite Settlement
Malaarch Sector, Ultima Segmentum

Chapter IV: Ta'neer's Last Hunt

Ta'neer, Exarch
Ulthwe Black Guardian Strike Force
Hunted Farseer Elfarion and killed in battle against Strike Force Zaphael, of the Angels of Vengeance.

Zaphael, Interrogator Chaplain.
Angels of Vengeance Chapter
Commander of Strike Force Zaphael
Commanded the rapid response strike force sent to contact farseer Elfarion. Destroyed the Ulthwe Strike Team led by Exarch Ta'neer.

Adonis, Codicier
Angels of Vengeance Chapter
Part of strike force Zaphael. He absorbed the mind transfer from Elfarion on the battlefield of Malaarch. Unconscious, but retained the knowledge to be transferred to the Tower of Angels.

Chapter V: Revelation

Sapphon, Grandmaster of Chaplains
Dark Angels Chapter

Chapter VI: Chariots of Fire

Sanctus Mortis
Strike Cruiser, Battle Fleet Absolution
Strike cruiser which took the strike force to Malin's Reach for the attack on Mirad's Folly.

Master Sheol, Master of the Fourth Battle Company
Dark Angels Chapter
He commanded the Dark Angel contingent on the assault on Mirad's Folly.

Grandmaster Azadael, Grandmaster of Librarians
Angels of Absolution Chapter 
He led the Absolution contingent on the assault on Mirad's Folly. He was taken by the chaos greater daemon even as he banished it and subsequently used as a conduit by dragien.

Chapter VII: Web of Deceit

Chapter VIII: Requiem for an Angel

Asmodai, Interrogator-Chaplain
Dark Angels Chapter
Interrogates the fallen prisoners from Myrad's folly to find the person behind the plot.

Chapter IX: Nest of Vipers

Chapter X: Death of Hope

Barradon the Reviler
Chaos Warmaster, Death Guard Traitor Legion
Commanded the ill fated chaos fleet and convoy which was on its way for the final invasion of St Josmane's Hope. His plans were filed when the planet was self destructed by the imperial defenders. Immediately afterwards his entire fleet was utterly destroyed by battle fleet

Chapter XI: Strike Hard! Strike Fast!

Grandmaster Amardiel, Grandmaster of the Fleet
Battle Fleet Redemption
Destroyed Barradon's fleet utterly within the realms of St Josmane's Hope.

Sword of Redemption, Battle Barge & Flag Ship
Battle Fleet Redemption
Flag ship of grandmaster Amardiel.

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This section provides the narrative history of the events that took place during the Gathering of Angels campaign conducted by the Inner Circle, during Abaddon's Thirteenth Black Crusade. This is in no way the official GW version nor is it in anyway an attempt to infringe on their IP. There are many versions of imperial history buried within the sands of time and this is but just one of them. Read on if you dare!
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