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By Todd Evans (Master Toddius)
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Legions of the Unforgiven
These images have been reproduced with the kind permission of Todd Evans.
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A secret battle force crusade named Angelus Mortiferus Pinnatus has been dispatched to seek and hunt down the fallen. The 4 Main Houses of the Dark Angels have come together by the sacred will of the Emperor commanded by a section of the Angels of Absolution. They were chosen to lead this Holy Crusade to purge the Imperium of Chaos and all heritical activity. Along with the special strike force command group of Absolution there arose a section from the Angels of Redemption, Angels of Vengeance and a large contingent of the mighty founders The Dark Angel's. The endeavor of hunting down the fallen necessitates a good scouting group that can operate will beyond the main force at various times. Three top sections of the RavenWing, along with its multi-potent leader Grand Master Corvus and Interragator Chaplain Leviticus, were forged to accomplish this task. Only the best and stout hearted were chosen to act as trailblazers for the main battle force. Time is short and the day of chaos is at hand. These few men are the best at scouting and guerilla tactics; recruited from the appropriate worlds that produced and molded these fine warriors so long ago.
The Angelus Mortiferus Pinnatus RavenWing squads were formed in accordance to a organization which could facilitate quick identification while moving and fighting at high speeds using the complicated tactics that Grand Master Corvus has instilled into his troops. Corvus's personal squad is designated one. They were hand chosen from the mighty warrior group who's origin is from a forest planet named Castellan. The planet Castellan is a large wood producer for the Imperium used in conjunction with other materials to build a variety of buildings for the Emperor. The world is a hospitable place containing all matter of deadly beasts and man
Grandmaster Corvus on his Bike

Grand Master Corvus while on bike is armed with the power sword The Raven's Talon made from the same material as the famed Sword of Secrets. He is also equipped with the blessed Iron Halo which also a mark of office for the Grand Master. He is well trained and experienced in commanding large fast attack groups. He is a master tactician and utilizes all the resources within his ranks. Corvus's ability to adapt and teach is unmatched by any other in the Imperium.
Bike Squadron I - GM Corvus' Command Squad
eating plants. On this world lives tribes of men that are part of the forestry guild as a whole but continuously war for control over the best regions of forestland. The planet is also home to large rain storms and sometimes violent lightning storms as well. Fires are a constant threat to the Castellians, therefore fire fighting is a must to survive. For thousands of years the holy tool and weapon of these foresters was the simple axe. The first squad include some of the best hand to hand specialists using their axes which are forged by a ancient sect of Shaman that live in small areas of their world. The Castellians move about the planet on horse back and are adept at riding quickly through all mater of terrain. These atributes along with their backwoods skills of survival make them a perfect body guard for Corvus and to lead the scout group. Veteran Sergeant Navior is armed with a mastercrafted power sword bestowed upon him from a former master who died from severe wounds in the arms of the Sergeant. He is also equipped with frag grenades. The group is armed with a Plasma Gun, Melta Gun, and is accompanied by an attack bike armed with a heavy bolter.
Close range fighting and hitting weak points with overwhelming fire power is his specialty. His reputation in the short period of time as Grand Master has earned him the fear and respect of many of the Emperor's enemies and other Marine Chapters alike.

The Grand Master also uses his specialized tornado Pinnatus which is armed with both a twin linked Heavy Bolter and Assault Cannon. His gunner is also recruited from the Gad's and is adept at shooting while on the move and jinking.
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