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By Anthony Nobbs ( Dharkon88 )
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Legions of the Unforgiven
These images have been reproduced with the kind permission of Anthony Nobbs.
Strike force background outlined written and edited by the Shadow Guard
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Strike Force & Grandmaster Dharkon

A strike force detachment from the second company of the Dark Angels chapter. Led by the commander, Grandmaster Dharkon, this strike force played a vital roll in leading the company sized assault of the ravenwing on Kasr Sonnen during the campaign against Abaddon's blasphemous hoards.

Relatively new to the Ravenwing, Dharkon rapidly showed his mettle in battle. He is usually accompanied by his command squad which is always armed with two meltaguns. His aide, veteran sergeant Korbus has a predilection for the powerfist. The combination of the mgrandmasters power weapon, Gorbus' pwerfist and the two meltaguns usually make short work of any significant opposition they come across.
Veteran sergeant Alphus leads the first bike squad. Leading with his power sword, he leads a squad capable of dealing with most battlefield threats. Armed with two plasmaguns and a n attack bike mounted heavy bolter combined with the bolters fixed on their bikes this squad played a major role in reducing the vast numbers of enemy light troops, allowing the heavy httters to engage major targets.
The second bike squad is led by veteran sergeant Amadeus. Armed with his distinct power axe, he had the great fortune to be joined by the force's techmarine Toddius.

Toddius himslf wore a single master crafted lightning claw which he used to devastating effect in close combat. However the greatest contribution by Toddius was by the use of his techno-wizardry, providing better targeting co-ordinates for the attack bike mounted multi melta.
Ravenwing Bike Squad Alphius
Veteran Sergeant Alphius
Command Squad Corbus
Ravenwing Squad Amadeus
Ravenwing Techmarine Toddius
Veteran Sergeant Amadeus
Toddius is often seen at the forefront of an assault, his lightning claw wielding deadly arcs of death as he flies throughopen land and rubble strewn debris with little effort. There is a friendly rivanlry between Amadeus and Toddius, particularly in the destruction of enemy command posts and armoured vehicles.
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