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Dark Angels Chapter
By ( Captain Arakis )
Origin: Uzziel was born on the planet Avignor, a world bordering the Eye of Terror, to the galactic northwest of the Caliban sector. It is principally a cardinal world, but due to its proximity to the Eye of Terror, Avignor suffers from frequent raids by the dreaded traitor legions. Much of the planet is militarized in the service of the Emperor. It was during one such raid that Uzziel was to distinguish himself. Some 400 years before Abbadon's 13th black crusade, a force of Night Lords Chaos Space Marines raided Avignor, attacking it's chief hives. Astropaths called for assistance and a force of Dark Angels from the nearby Caliban sector came to their aid. Ultimately the forces of Chaos were routed, and the Dark Angels, impressed by a conscript Uzziel's skill recruited the youth into the tenth Scout company where he quickly distinguished himself becoming a full member of the Chapter.
Armory: Power Armor, Auspex, Power Fist and Plasma Pistol

Current Position: Uzziel has since become a veteran sergeant, having mastered fighting in blessed Terminator Armor, being honored with the crux terminatus and inducted into the Deathwing. However, Uzziel prefers to fight in power armor and declined a permanent position in the 1st company. He was assigned to the 3rd company, where Grand Master Arakis personally chose him to join his Command Squad

Famous Achievements: Uzziel has fought with his Command squad for countless battles, always victorious, always surviving. It has been claimed that the Emperor himself protects him and his men.

One of his greatest battles occurred immediately following the 13th Black crusade. Following up a lead on their hunt for the Fallen, a Dark Angels strike force of the 3rd company landed on Piscina IV, where they were attacked by the forces of a radical Inquisitor and his Space Marine allies. The battle went well, and the Inquisitor was slain along with the majority of his treacherous army for few losses. All that remained were the traitor's Librarian and Master. Grand Master Arakis led the charge. The traitors revealed the depth of their heresy then, and the Librarian, using the deadly powers of the warp became nigh
unstoppable. While Arakis fought the Master, slaying him, the terrible Librarian smote every loyal Space Marine with reach. Brothers Tobias and Damiel fell, badly injured. Company Champion Abshae and Uzziel were the only ones to stand, Abshae's skill with his combat shield protecting them. They grappled again, and Abshae fell as the Grand Master counter charged. He was wounded, but fought well, only to be foiled by the traitor's energy field. But this distraction served, and Uzziel's power fist dealt the Librarian a crushing blow. The battle was won, and the Emperor was truly protecting them, for Abshae, Tobias and Damiel recovered, their fervor undimmed.

Uzziel also fought during the recent Hunt for the Fallen Campaign, bringing justice the Xenos Necrons and Eldar in a number of engagements.

His most recent achievement occurred during a recent crusade in the Galaxy's southern fringe. As the Dark Angels fleet was preparing to depart an unknown world on the edge of the galaxy, they were beset by Tyranids. At the forefront of the rearguard action, Arakis and his Command Squad bore the brunt of the alien attack, counter-charging into their ranks and being attacked by virtually every monstrosity of the swarm. All were distinguished, as untold numbers of Guants attacked. Arakis single-handedly slew a monstrous Carnifex before falling to it's death spasm. Uzziel took command, and with righteous fury smote the enemy with his power fist. Raveners and guants fell to his wrath, as his squad desperately fought the swarm. At the climax of the battle, a winged Hive Tyrant attacked the embattled squad. With no thought to his own safety, Uzziel fought the beast single handedly, and slew it. With their master's demise, the Xenos fled, leaving the outnumbered Dark Angels victorious!

Olympus Honoris: Awarded for participation in the Champions of the Unforgiven Contest 2005
Olympus Honoris: Awarded for participation in the Champions of the Unforgiven Contest 2005