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Dark Angels Chapter
By ( Captain Arakis )
Origin: Abshae was born on the feral world of Kimmeria. Living amongst the fierce head hunters to the planet, he learned the skills of a warrior from an early age. But Abshae's skill and fury with a sword, as well as his fearlessness and leadership marked him out for greatness. He was recruited into Dark Angels chapter of the Adeptus Astartes before his 14th birthday, joining the 10th company as a Scout. His training was cut short however, when in a great battle against the Cult of the Bloodied Fist, the 3rd Company sustained heavy losses. Abshae was promoted into Assault Marine, becoming a full brother in the chapter. Grand Master Arakis, upon being promoted to command of the 3rd Company recognized the young Marine's prowess and had him attached to his Command squad, serving as the 3rd's Company Champion where he distinguished himself many times in the fires of battle. He was finally promoted to veteran status when the Command squad lead the charge into a marauding force of xenos necrontyr. He single-handedly fought the Lord of the xenos force, while his squad desperately defended against hordes of alien warriors. As he smote the necrons with mighty blows of his shimmering power sword, a being of ancient evil sought to attack the Grand Master as he fought countless warriors. Abshae intervened, and though he could not best his terrible adversary, he bought time for his brothers to cripple the necrontyr army, who vanished as quickly as they had appeared.
Armory: Power Sword, Bolt Pistol, Combat Shield, Power Armor , Bionic Arm

Current Position: Abshae is a member of the Deathwing, having earned the right to fight in blessed Terminator armor. He has a permanent responsibility to the 3rd Company as their Champion, and so, cannot join the 1st Company. Thus he fights always in the 3rd Company's Command group, alongside his beloved Grand Master smiting the enemies of the Emperor with rare zeal, even for a Space Marine.

Famous Achievements: Abshae has fought many battles in his decades of service. He lead his Assault Marines in the raid that lead to the fall of  Tyre IV's capital. After a daring drop from Thunderhawk, the Marines managed to capture the city's heavily defended power plant, ensuring that the automated defenses of the renegade hive could not be used against their brothers.

He has only ever been seriously injured on one occasion. The strike force had been attacked by Space Marines and an Inquisitor of dubious loyalty. The battle was won, but the renegade Librarian leading their force, fuelled by the fell powers of the warp, could not be defeated. Abshae's own skill with a blade was humbled, and he could only defend with his Combat Shield. As blow after blow rained down upon it, the energy field died, and the lighting quick heretic severed his arm and punctured one of his hearts. He and the remainder of the squad would have been doomed, but the Grand Master charged with Veteran Sergeant Uzziel. Their righteous anger could not be denied and they slew the Librarian.

Olympus Victor: Awarded for participation in the Champions of the Unforgiven Contest 2005
Olympus Victor: Awarded for participation in the Champions of the Unforgiven Contest 2005