mighty Avatar and Wraithlord, but he and his brothers slew both affronts to the Emperor, breaking the xenos. In another engagement, his squad took the charge of a great force of Orks, and as his squad fell dead and wounded around him, Arakis broke them and drove them back with mighty sweeps of his sword. Grand Master Arakis currently leads his Company on a xenocidal crusade in the galactic south. From their Battle Barge, the Shield of Caliban Arakis and the Dark Angels bring the Emperor's justice to the dark corners of the Imperium.
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Dark Angels Chapter
By ( Captain Arakis )
Origin: Arakis grew up on the Feudal world Threpanege. The populace of the world are ordered in a hierarchy like that of ancient Terra. The nobles, staunchly loyal to the Imperial way and their creed of knighthood, defend their subjects. They in turn toil to produced the tithes required by their lords and the Imperium. Arakis was of one of these noble houses, where loyalty and dedication to his cause was taught from birth. Very rarely, the Angels of Death visit the world and recruit young knights, whose virtues make them ideal Space Marines. Arakis was one such fortunate young man. His valour and loyalty to his brothers lead to his early promotion, and swift induction into the Deathwing after less than 100 years of service. Perhaps allowing such a neophyte brother to join the Inner Circle was poor judgement. Arakis found the secret shame difficult to bear. Only his faith in his Primarch and the Emperor could allow him to accept such a terrible mission. He served in the Deathwing for many decades before being promoted to Captain and then Master of the 3rd Company when it's master was slain in battle.
Armoury: Imperious Sword(Sword of Secrets),  Plasma Pistol, Power Armor, Combat Shield, Lion Helm, Terminator Honors

Current Position: A Master of the Inner Circle, Grand Master Arakis leads the 3rd Company in battle. Very pious even among Space Marines, he has been deemed worthy by the Interrogator-Chaplains to bear some of the Dark Angel's most sacred artifacts in battle. He bears a sword of similar design and lineage as the Sword of Secrets. The Lion Helm is often bestowed upon him when the 3rd Company goes to battle. He wears the ancient battle helmet however, eschewing it's bearer. In battle, Arakis appears as an Angel of old, the helm's force field creating a shining halo of doom about him and his brothers.

Famous Achievements: The Grand Master has fought in countless engagements against the enemies of the Emperor, no matter what form they may take. He has developed a unique skill at fighting necrontyr from many battles against them, and has yet to be defeated by the ancient xenos. In his most recent campaign, Arakis was ever at the front of his men leading them with skill and bravery. On Telemon his force encountered unnumbered traitors and aliens. Fighting a force of marauding Eldar, Arakis lead the charge into a
Olympus Victor: Awarded for participation in the Champions of the Unforgiven Contest 2005
Olympus Victor: Awarded for participation in the Champions of the Unforgiven Contest 2005