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Dark Angels Chapter
By ( Captain Arakis )
Origin: Brother Ezra originally  comes from a planet near the Eye of Terror. Information on the Librarian's early history is scarce, since the planet was cleansed by the righteous fire of an Exterminatus some 300 years ago for an undisclosed reason. It is known, that due to the world's proximity to the Eye of Terror, a greater number of psykers than average were born. An Adeptus Astra Telepathica recruiting station was present to take advantage and control of the many psychically gifted. During an invasion by Chaos Space Marines of the Emperor's Children legion, a small detachment of Dark Angels mobilized to assist. Within 2 months, the Angels and the PDF had driven back the traitors, who found a population of psychically powerful citizens difficult to subjugate. The Dark Angels force took the opportunity to recruit. Tested for faith, purity and power by the Chapter's Librarians and Chaplains, Ezra survived and was initiated into the Librarium. He soon learned that the trials of a Librarian where much more dire than any his brothers faced. He began to stand apart from his brothers, deeply immersed in honing his powers to better serve the Chapter. After long decades of service, he was promoted to Epistolary. With the position Ezra was granted an ancient force sword, used in the great crusade as his mark of office.
Armoury: Master-Crafted Force Sword, Bolt Pistol, Psychic Hood, Bionics, Iron Halo

Power: Fury of the Ancients

Current Position: Epistolary temporarily attached to the 3rd Company as they crusade in the Segmentum Tempestus. He uses his powers to aid his brothers in ranged battle, as well as leading them valiantly. Against the enemies of the Chapter he summons a fearsome spectral Angel, a gaunt and terrible avatar of doom for those that would oppose the Sons of the Lion.

Famous Achievements: Ezra's most famous achievement came to pass in a great battle against a splinter of Hive Fleet Behemoth. His leadership held the weaker flank intact as countless alien monstrosities assailed them. At a key point in the battle, when the enemy faltered from their merciless bolter fire. With a great cry, he lead their counter attack, running at the head of three full Tactical squads and Venerable Brother Gabrilis, the force's revered Dreadnought. As his brothers clashed in hand to hand with the smaller creatures, Ezra incepted a gigantic Carnifex. Its gigantic talons slashed back and forth wildly, and Ezra dodged, narrowly avoiding being cut in half by the razor sharp blades. He lashed out with his crackling sword, beheading the alien with one psychically charged blow. As it fell, Ezra was sent flying backwards by a terrible blow. As he hit the ground, he felt his ribs crack, but he rolled over to face his assailant. Another Carnifex attacked him even as he fell. It loomed over him, and a shrill hiss came from it's gaping jaws. Steaming Bio-plasma erupted from the xeno's stinking gullet, bathing Ezra in incandescent energy. Fighting the pain, he lunched with his sword, driving it into the monster's head. Ezra's full fury channeled through the weapon, destroying comprehensively. At that point the exhausted Librarian slipped into unconsciousness, but his valor had saved many battle-brothers, and won the battle. It was for that day's events that Ezra received his Iron Halo, and also his extensive bionics.
Olympus Victor: Awarded for participation in the Champions of the Unforgiven Contest 2005
Olympus Victor: Awarded for participation in the Champions of the Unforgiven Contest 2005