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Dark Angels Chapter
By ( Brother Caliban )
Origin: A Chaplain of the Dark Angels Chapter for almost exactly a mere 20 years, at the age of 88 Vanadalus is a remarkably wise leader, many of his brethren out ranked decades ago. Considered never as a gift, his office is his duty and his life. 

One year before Abaddon's Black Crusade Brother Vanadalus servered in third company tactical squad Dremos as Brother Sergeant. Battle brother Vandalus had led the squad for only 30 years after ascending from the scout companies at the age of 38, a remarkable feat for any battle brother to achieve. His hasty development was owed to his determination; some say the Emperor's light shines brighter on him than others. Some say dedication is a virtue.
Armoury: Plasma pistol and Crozious Arcanum.

Current Position: The position of Dark Angels Chaplain is held in great awe, it is a known fact; at least to the chapter, that many chaplains have been lost in the last centaury only made worse by diabolical events of recent times, Vanadalus himself was nearly lost in the Abaddon's Thirteenth Crusade, 22% of his torso including lung had to be re-grown and rebuilt after bolter fire from traitors at the Ruins of Caliban. The burden carried by Vanadalus is not simply physically it is more even psychological. Every brother in his company must have a healthy mind, any form of corruption is heresy and the chapter has been free of corruption since the great betrayal, a task that must be up held no matter what. Along with his chapter Vanadalus is shrouded with mystery. It is known to many that Vanadalus was recruited on Baal Secondus, which is thousands of light years away (The Rocks location classified). The question is then: why was he not recruited by the Blood Angels, and why was the Astertes recruiting territories breached? This is not known by Vanadalus's battle brothers. The very name Vanadalus is very different to almost every Dark Angel currently in service, a name thought to be akin to that of the Blood Angels. Whatever the story behind this we may never know.

There is limited information on this hero of the Imperium but what is known is that his leadership is uncontested as far as his brothers will vouch; under his command only twelve battle brothers have fallen (one committed to able to be committed to Dreadnaught). His utterly high regard for his brothers has gained such a high respect, his victories evidence of this devoted relationship Vanadalus even falling himself before his brethren only a year ago on The Caliban Ruins allowing destruction of numerous traitor vessels and potential savoir of Cadia. Fortunately Vanadalus was able to fight on through the devotion he instilled in his brothers, rescuing  him under his own command only when his the mission was complete, when his mission was complete: not to jeopardise his brothers in battle.   
Olympus Victor: Awarded for joint second place in the Champions of the Unforgiven Contest 2005
Olympus Victor: Awarded for joint second place in the Champions of the Unforgiven Contest 2005