synapse control broken the Gaunts streamed away.  The 1st squad, though reduced, pressed their advantage and swept through the flanks of the horde.  In a very few minutes the entire horde broke under the pressure and disintegrated. 

It was during this campaign that Brother Alacanon learned of the shame of the Dark Angels and the treachery of the Lutherites.  He was inducted into the Revered 1st Company of the Dark Angels, the Deathwing, and learned of the saga of the traitor legions and the part the Dark Angels played.  He was sent to The Rock for further induction and training in the venerated Tactical Dreadnought Armor of the Deathwing.  His suit had served many Brothers and their spirits were imbued into the armor.  He took to the close combat style of the Deathwing quickly and soon was assigned to the field.
During these trying times he spent many years searching the Eye of Terror with his Brothers.  Rumors of the Fallen were everywhere, as if a gathering was beginning.  Many planets were searched and searched again until no more clues could be found.  Many a traitorous lapdog of the Chaos Lords was dispatched to the warp to join their dark Gods.  Finally a Fallen, number 199, was found and subdued.  Alacanon had the honor of the blow that felled him.  For this action he was promoted to Veteran Sergeant and learned more of the story of the treachery of Luther.

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The Fallen Brothers.
dark Angels Chapter
By Anderson Mac Donald
Alacanon was born as Casiderous on the planet of Piscina V in the spring birthing season during the year of the Star Lords One Hundred Forty First visitation.  Though not a Chiefs son he was of a good bloodline and excelled in the early lessons of the hunt.  His first taste of blood was in his eighth season when an enemy hunting tried to steal from the camp while the men were away.  He killed one man with a bow and a second with his own knife.  He was awarded the honor of participating in the next blood trials.  When the Star Lords next arrived at his village he standing was such that he was selected to fight in the Trails of Honor.  The Star Lord in the night black armor saw his potential and he was not disappointed. 

In the year of 788.M41 the Tower of Angels took aboard the new recruits.  Alacanon had already been extensively trained and conditioned in the arts of combat and survival and this continued during the long trip to The Rock.  It was in the Main Chapel of the Rock that he took his Oath of Fealty and Loyalty to the First Legion and the Chapter of the Dark Angels.  After more grueling and arduous training he was honored with his first gift of the Emperor and the Lion.  He was then assigned to the Scout training academy790.M41.
In 793.M41 his training was considered complete and he was assigned to the honored 3rd Company as a replacement to their scout contingent.  He fought in many battles and honed his hand to hand skills.  Many enemies fell to his silent blade.  His achievements did not go unnoticed and he soon found himself on The Rock again to receive the Black Carapace, the final gift of the Emperor and the Lion.
In 801.M41 the newest Dark Angel, now called Alacanon at all times, joined the ranks of the honored 3rd Company's 6th squad as the new plasma gunner.  Though a dangerous weapon it was very powerful and required many litanies of operation and maintenance.  The weapons machine spirit was pleased with all the careful and diligent care and Brother Alacanon suffered no misfires from the oft temperamental weapon.  During the Purging of Xrenes IV in 854.M41 he showed his proficiency with the mighty weapon when he destroyed several Imperial Guard vehicles of the traitorous Vorhess Fusiliers while defending the forward base from attack.  Many traitors burned in the fires of the Plasma gun that day.  It was also on this day that his mentor, Brother Sergeant Israfil, fell and was entombed.  He continues to this day to serve the Emperor.  Brother Alacanon displayed his close combat skills during a breakthrough and avenged his Sergeant and carried the day.  As a result Brother Alacanon was promoted to Sergeant.

Brother Alacanon quickly took to command and by 901.M41 he was leading the 1st squad when the Company was sent to the Ultima Segmentium to assist in repelling one the many fleets of the Great Devourer.  The Company was involved in many titanic battles with the hordes of a Tyranid splinter fleet.  Sergeant Alacanon and his first squad held out against overwhelming numbers as wave after wave assaulted his vital position on the end of the line.  Finally, with ammunition running low Sergeant Alacanon led his men in a lightning charge against the massive Carnifex leading the flanking attacks.  Wielding his power sword he carved the legs out from under the beast.  He deftly moved out of range of the dripping claws and struck again, bringing the monster down.  With the
Olympus Victor: Awarded for participation in the Champions of the Unforgiven Contest 2005
Olympus Victor: Awarded for participation in the Champions of the Unforgiven Contest 2005
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